Restoration of a Building for the Reception and Housing of  Sick Children in Rome

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: October 2014 - Project end date: October 2015
Project number: 2014-024
Beneficiary: Fondazione Padre Bellincampi Onlus

The Fondazione Padre Bellincampi has as statutory aims “social care, education and training with particular reference to minors and adolescents” and that is why it intends to go on helping the Associazione Kim onlus which since 1997 has been giving a home-away-from-home to children with serious pathologies and to their mothers. The sinergy between the two organizations has grown stronger in these years and it has seen a commitment at the forefront of the Fondazione to support the activities of Associazione Kim onlus not only financially but also with the professional and technical skills of its volunteers.
The Associazione Kim aims “to assist seriously ill children who live in difficult conditions in Italy and in countries where health facilities do not allow adequate therapeutic interventions; it also organizes their hospitalization and provides them the necessary psycho-social and moral assistance ensuring their reception for the period needed for treatment”.
The sick children received in 16 years of intense activity are more than 190 out of the more than 380 requests from 54 countries of the world. They range from zero to 18 years old suffering from heart diseases, cancer, leukemias, traumas of various origin, malformations and other severe pathologies.
After years of activity always carried on with great commitment and reliability widely aknowledged in Italy and abroad, requests for accomodation have considerably increased. Currently the Centro Bellincampi- Casa di Kim has a capacity of 10 rooms with two beds (for the mother and child unit). The Fondazione Padre Bellincampi and the Associazione Kim onlus have identified a building facing Casa di Kim in a state of total disrepair that could be used to accommodate other children. In particular, given the many requests especially from the Ospedale Bambino Gesù, children who must sustain or are recovering from a transplant.

The project, which received a grant from the Nando Peretti Foundation, was created  to guarantee and protect the right to health of seriously ill children from all over the world, providing care, hospitalization and accomodation to those who request it.
To this end the primary objective of this project is to rehabilitate and restore a structure that the Comune di Roma has awarded to the Fondazione Padre Bellincampi onlus by resolution n.277 22.05.2013.
The property is situated in the Parco Bellosguardo, a complex dedicated to the establishment of a special pole for the residence of  parents and children hosted by public health structures and more generally of a socio-sanitary presidium.
The restructuring and functional adaptation relate for the first,  to the common external works of the building and then to the first floor of the building, the one assigned to the Fondazione Padre Bellincampi onlus and, based on the identification of operational requirements, the project involves the construction of n.4 patient rooms with n.2 beds each, n.1 patient room with n.3 beds for a total of 11 beds and of n.4 fully equipped bathrooms.

General objective: Increase of the carrying capacity by 50%.
The Centro Bellincampi-Casa di Kim, thanks to a new structure, can respond in an efficient and timely way to the needs of children in a situation of serious health emergency.
The Fondazione Padre Bellincampi together with Associazione Kim, wants to continue to ensure the right to health to all the children to which this right is denied.
Specific objective: redevelopment and renovation of the building assigned to the Fondazione Padre Bellincampi Onlus: the building object of extraordinary maintenance and renovation appears to be in conditions of significant degradation and decay especially as regards:
plaster on the exterior walls;
roof covering;
internal and external fixtures;
thermal plant, hydro-sanitary plumbing and electrical plant. 

Thanks to this Project one of the main results is the increase of the capacity of reception of the Centro Bellincampi-Casa di Kim. According to our estimates we should be able to assist about 50 children and their mothers, all year long. Disposing of a new structure and new spaces means that more children would be cured, sustained and followed throughout the duration of the illness.
This is why the Fondazione Padre Bellincampi means to continue in this important collaboration providing not only financial resources, but also the professional and technical skills of its volunteers and associates (architects, lawyers etc etc) during the creation, design, renovation of the part of the building assigned to it.
This property will subsequently be handed over through the correct procedures to the Associazione Kim for the pursuit of their objectives.
In 2016 the Nando and Elsa Peretti  Foundation has awarded a grant for the second year to this project.

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