A Well-Equipped Residence for Aging People with Intellectual Disabilities in Barcelona, Spain

Project location: Spain, Barcelona
Project start date: September 2014 - Project end date: December 2014
Project number: 2014-038
Beneficiary: Fundació Privada Pro-Disminuïts Psíquics Finestrelles


Finestrelles Foundation (FF) promotes the defence of the rights and dignity of people with intellectual disabilities through education, training, employment promotion, employment, sports practices and social integration, as well as awareness of society and of government.

Some of the services for these purposes are residential care and the provision of Occupational Therapy.

Ageing is considered to start at around 45 years of age. In case of certain aetiologies (like Down's syndrome) with associated genetic premature ageing, it starts before. The average age at FF's residence is 57 years old, and more than 60% of our residents are affected by Down syndrome. Most of them are affected by more than one chronic disease, ranging from neurological comorbidities to cardiovascular comorbidities.
Moreover, the complexity of management of these chronic patients is rather high and increasing day by day: 100% of the residents are clinically considered Complex Chronic Patients, of which 17% are considered also Advanced Patients (with limited perspective of life). The average statistics for the population in Catalonia are reckoned to be around 2%-3,5% regarding complex patients, and 1,4% for advanced patients.

The immediate needs are to update and improve certain equipment in the residence, to better face the challenges that ageing and increasing dependence are bringing for all the 59 users. "Finestrelles" delivers services mainly through assistance in two main buildings, the residence and the day care center. The residence has two floors, rooms to shelter 28 persons, and attends up to 59 persons through non interim occupational therapies. The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant for this project, to buy 18 articulated electrical beds, a shower trolley and a patient hoist.

The new equipment will reduce the age impact in our residents and shall:
1. offer an adapted environment to the aged intellectually disabled users in order to prevent cognitive impairment.
2. promote active and healthy ageing.
3. look after users' physical welfare, taking care and preventing age problems
4. offer better security in transfers, hygiene, and stay in rooms.

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