Developing a Young Audience for Contemporary Music Exchanging Experiences among Composers, Performers and High School and College Students

Project location: ITALY, Milan
Project start date: October 2014 - Project end date: April 2015
Project number: 2014-039
Beneficiary: Milano Musica - Associazione per la Musica Contemporanea


Time range of this final report: 10th of May 2014 – 30th of November 2014

The 23rd Milano Musica Festival, which took place in Milan between 9th October and 15th November 2014, has been dedicated to Fausto Romitelli (1963-2004), visionary composer, particularly emblematic for new generation musicians and audience.
The following project goals has been fulfilled:
a) Encourage the listening and the knowledge of the contemporary music repertoire through experimental training activities and new educational methods;
b) Promote the attendance of young people at highly rated music concerts through special dedicated ticket rates (Euro 5, particularly for the concerts at the Teatro alla Scala);
c) Renew the dialogue between the musical creators and the younger audience. For the 2014 edition Milano Musica has commissioned and presented the world premiere of new works by Giovanni Verrando, Riccardo Nova, Emanuele Casale, Giovanni Mancuso, Giovanni Montalbetti.

Detailed description of the activities implemented and of the methodologies applied

1) High Schools, Milan and Lombardy
It Sounds New - Contemporary Music Promotional Project for High School Students", organized in collaboration with Teatro alla Scala Cultural Promotion Office. The activities included the students attendance to the Festival Concerts (at a special promotional ticket price), introduced by preparatory lectures held during the schools hours by Giuseppe Califano, young composer and music teacher.
a) Introductory Lecture on Contemporary Music
b) Preparatory Lecture on the Selected Concerts
c) Concerts Attendance
The students, together with the teachers and Giuseppe Califano, attended the selected concerts at the special promotional ticket price of 5 Euros (two concerts at Teatro alla Scala included), with the support of the Nando Peretti Foundation.
d) Participation to Selected Open Rehearsals.
e) Meetings with the Composers and Performers.

2) Workshop "Listening to Present - Appreciating 20th Century Music", organized in collaboration with the University of Milan, Faculty of Musicology.
a) Preparatory Lecture on Selected Concerts programs has been held by the Musicology Department). Number of lectures: 5
b) Concert attendance (the students attended selected Festival concerts for free, instead of Euro 10/35 at La Scala). Number of selected concerts: 7
c) Critical review of concerts by the students.

3) Workshop Play... with music!, organized within the Festival Cultura Creativa , at the Junior High School, Baranzate (Milan), a multiethnic public institution in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Milan (with 87 different ethnicities). The students, under the guidance of a young composer and musical teacher, discovered the "tool of the trade" for the art of musical composition. These activities lead to their proposal of some musical material based on their precise compositional choices. The workshop, with the guitar and cello classes, introduced the young musicians to music composition through an approach that took place them at the very heart of the musical composition experience.
Number of lectures: 2 (15 students per lecture, length 2 h. each, in extra class hours)

Results obtained (final)

Overall Audience of the Festival 20149.000
Overall Students (attendance to the concerts)840
High Schools Students702
Conservatory Students65
University of Milan44
Politecnico of Milan29

Junior High School, Baranzate (MI) Play... with music!, Number of Students: 20 (guitar and cello class)
The ultimate outcome of the workshop Play... with music!, has been the composition and the audio-recording of a short piece with the musical elements.


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