Promotion of the Nando Peretti Foundation’s “Child survival in a changing climate” and “Invisible people” photography projects

Project location: Italy, Italy, Europe
Project start date: January 2015 - Project end date: January 2016
Project number: 2015-002
Beneficiary: Associazione Witness Image


After having consolidated a strong relationship and shared objectives between Nando Peretti Foundation and Witness Image, the need emerges to give more visibility to the photography projects " Child survival and climate change" and "Invisible people". Witness Image becomes a communications agency for Nando Peretti Foundation for the projects that Nando Peretti Foundation has backed. To increase visibility, an integrated communications plan will be developed to reach a larger public on the following themes: children's rights, climate change, environment, minority rights.

An integrated communications plan will be developed, regarding editorial partnerships, participation in leading festivals of photo-journalism and the most important awards ceremonies, targeting social media, seminaries, all allowing for the development of richer content on the themes of "Child survival and climate change" and "Invisible people". By editorial partnerships, W.I. means the presentation of projects which foresee the publication of photogaphs and articles in the leading international press which cover current events and the defense of human rights such as Time, Espresso, Io Donna, Internazionale, Le Monde. VSD magazine, Paris Match, Guardian magazine, Observer magazine, Stern magazine, National Geographic, etc. Furthermore, projects will be proposed on the principal international web platforms for information such as, Time LightBox. com etc. By participation in the principal international festivals of photo-journalism, W.I. means shows or projections at the Athens photo festival, Brighton Photo Biennal, Hungarian Month of Photography, Month of photography Paris, Helsinki photography festival, Nord light International Festival, Paris Photo, Look3 Usa, Lumix Hannover, Les Rencontres d'Arls, Visa Pour l'Image, Angkor Photo Festival, etc. By participation in Award shows and Grant, we mean to promote our projections across events and publications that grow out of the leading photojournalism contests and events such as POY picture of the year, World Press Photo, Sony world photography awards, PDN photo annual, NPPA best of photojournalism, Black and White spiders award, Getty Image grants, Photo espagna Olodepez human values, Alexia Foundation grant, Days Japan International Photojournalism Award, etc. By targeted presence in social media, W.I. means Facebook, Google, as well as seminaries held at conferences and institutions of Learning through projections and photography exhibits.

The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant for this project. The strenghtening of Nando Peretti Foundation's positioning through exhibits, workshops and a presence on the worldìs leading portals and publicaitons and newsletters will allow W.I. to increase the number and quality of contacts and their knowledge of the issues and goals we and Nando Peretti Fondation promote. Namely, children whose rights are denied, forgotten minorities and the consequences of climate change. The result will be a further recognition of Nando Peretti Foundation as a leading voice for the unpossessed and under-represented as well as for all of humanity on these issues.

In 2016, this project received another grant from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foudnation.

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