A house for needy children: Renovation of the Institute of S.Giuseppe della Montagna

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: October 2003 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2003-49
Beneficiary: Istituto S.Giuseppe della Montagna


The San Giuseppe della Montagna Institute of Rome is a house run by three Catalan nuns, which gives a home and a family to 14 children ranging from 1 to 15 years of age. The institute welcomes children of foreign parents who work as a domestic permanent service. In most situations, the couples cannot keep their children with them and thus they are forced to leave them in custody to someone in their country of origin, or when they are lucky in structures like this. But there are other cases of children orphaned by mother, whose father has to work and may not take care of them.

The three Catalan sisters live in a building located in front of the entrance of the Vatican Museums, which is the Institute's house and is divided in three floors: the ground floor, with a games room and a canteen for the small children, the first floor with a chapel and some small rooms for the nuns, the first floor with the nuns' bedrooms, the third floor with the children's bedrooms and the bathrooms. The institute is financed only through private donations and nothing is charged to the children's families.

The children see their parents once a week. For the rest of time, the sisters are involved in everything: they dress them, wash them, make them play, they arranged a TV room with CD of cartoons, carry them to school, let them study in the afternoon and even let them play outside, because the house has a private open space with some game. They have a bus which every morning carries children to school and back home after school.

In 2003 the Nando Peretti Foundation gave to the Institute San Giuseppe della Montagna a donation  for the building's renovation, which led to the installation of non slippery pavements, washable walls colouring, new bathrooms, new aluminium window casings, and a new heating system.

 For 2009, the  Nando Peretti Foundation granted a contribution for the construction of an elevator outside the institute, for the restructuring of the laundry in the girls courtyard and for the remaking of the external facades.

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