Solar Energy for Children

Project location: BRAZIL, Fortaleza
Project start date: October 2016 - Project end date: January 2017
Project number: 2016-048
Beneficiary: Associação Beneficente dos Agostinianos Recoletos de Fortaleza


The increase in the electricity bills, about 55%, in Brazil, six months ago, put in a very big risk Lar Santa Monica´s existence, which takes care of children and teenagers, victims of sexual abuse.

The strategy taken to deal with this challenge was to install 28 solar panels to provide for at least 40% of our energy needs and this significantly reduces our expenses.

Since seven years ago Lar Santa Monica takes care of children victims of sexual abuse. Lar Santa Monica structures have grown and consequently its impact.

There are four care home hosts and many equipment’s. The energy consume increased very much. And Brazil´s crisis has increased the energy price this last year very much too. To resolve the cost of energy and to continue helping more children, in Lar Santa Monica, will be necessary to install solar panels. Till now, Lar Santa Monica reduced the electricity consume, but prices are increasing so much. So to install 28 solar panels in this geographical area, with many sun hours, will be a best solution. Lar Santa Monica is placed in Fortaleza city of, Ceará State, Brazil. And the panels will be installed and maintained by a reputed renewable energy company "ECO – Energia Renovaveis “Energy" ( The guaranty and durability of the equipment is about 25 years. The solar panels will only need periodic maintenance as they will be connected to the national power grid and the energy produced relayed to the same. The electrical company will make a reduction in the electricity bill based on the amount energy produced. The system requires no batteries further reducing maintenance costs for potentially to 25 years of its durability.

This project, whiche received a grant from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, is unique because it connects children in social risk with the environmental respect. Current tools to resolve this problem are: to create conscience to waste less;to have lectures about sustainable energy; to use “led” lamps and electric tools of low power. Thanks to this project many other children would be able to find a house and to improve their lives too. This ecological conservation project aims to optimize renewable energy sources like the sun. And, with the installation of the 28 photovoltaic panels, it aims to reduce  electricity bills.

• First month: Preparation and assembly of the solar panel system alongside the solar panel supplier and the local electricity provider.

• Second month: Beginning of operations.

• Third month onwards: Periodic revisions by the solar panel supplier.

• Monthly: reports on energy consumption and financial savings.

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