Building a primary school for 700 children

Project location: TANZANIA, Morogoro
Project start date: January 2004 - Project end date: January 2005
Project number: 2003-47
Beneficiary: Associazione Aiutare i Bambini

Final Report, September 15th 2005

The project main goal has already been achieved: the school buildings have been completed, and it's expected to celebrate the inauguration of Morogoro school in November 2005 and to begin the school activity in January 2006.

In detail, the following activities have been completed:

Construction of 14 classrooms

- The 14 classrooms provided for the project have all been completely realized: external walls, roofs, pavements, external cantilever roof.

- The grilled doors and the grating on windows have been installed.

- In 6 classrooms the electric installation has been completed. The remaining 6 will be finished before November 2005.

- The toilets are under construction.


- Desks, seats, teachers' desks and cupboards have already been ordered to a carpenter's workshop in Dodoma, one of the closest town centers to Morogoro.

The future

Sister Teresa Drago is willing in future to realize a sports ground, close to the school structure, external to the schoolyard; a small ambulatory for basic medical care of the children who attend the mission and the school; a computer laboratory for the elder children; a carpenter's workshop for vocational training.

  Associazione Aiutare i Bambini
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