Train to Organize - The Organizational Language Learned During Childhood

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: March 2016 - Project end date: June 2017
Project number: 2016-004
Beneficiary: APOI - Associazione Professional Organizers Italia

APOI believes that a well structured and organized life-style improves the quality of life. Its mission is to promote tools, actions and methods to organize in order to give anyone more time as well as the possibility to enjoy more life. Their function is to stimulate and trigger the personal organizational skills in people so that it becomes possible to find personal balance and re-discover and eventually maximize one's own resources. APOI believes that if we learn since childhood organizational skills and techniques, we can utilize those during the course of life for the realization of any type of project, small or big, private or professional.

The Professional Organizer trains, coaches and supports the individuals in order to improve their personal organization in the different fields of life. Some people are born with the talent and capacity to organize their own life, some others are not; all have to learn to tap into those capacities and utilize them at the fullest. According to american studies, only the 10/12 % of the entire human population are born being already, naturally aware of their organization skills, the rest of the population has has to improve. Nevertheless "organization" is not a topic studied in schools; it is randomly taught by some teachers or parents who understand its importance and value. The learning of such important discipline should be taken as a seroius project. If children are put in a position where they can learn, recognize and cultivate their organizational skills, this will help them in their future, to achieve goals in life. It is like when you learn a foreign language in early childhood, it’s simple, natural and effortless. The same would be if we learn about organization since we are very young, very useful in any given contest, for personal development and as well as a very efficient form of respect of others also for creating a positive impact in human interactions.

The initiative proposed, teaching children "organizational skills", procedures, and techniques,  will initially be focused on developing a Pilot Project. "Teach to organize – The organizational language learned during childhood" suggests an interactive workshop, starting with primary schools in Rome. The prganization will propose different topics, according to different age range, helping children to understand "when" they need those organizational capacities and eventually understand why and how to improve them. The workshop will be interactive, through questions and answers, games in small groups, individually and with the class. Hints and tips will be given so that the topic will get in the family environment and dealt at home as well. Managing your own things, (toys, books, bedroom) and contributing to the organization of home, family, homework and even organizing free time.

The NaEPF has awarded a grant for this project. Identifying and getting in touch with these talents, growing in awareness and capacity will give children confidence in themselves, independence, responsibility; awareness of their own boundaries and limitations towards other people as well, better time management, easier decisions making, learning to take care of themselves and their own things, learning to make goals, learning to follow priorities, developing self–esteem, learning to deal with emotions. Several are the competencies of life (" Life skills Education in schools OMS 1993) which could be cultivated through personal organization to allow the betterment of the quality of life of those "future adults".

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