Fire Alarm System, Comfort and Facility for Assistance of Mentally Disabled People at the Community “IL CHICCO” in Ciampino (Italy)

Project location: ITALY, Ciampino
Project start date: June 2014 - Project end date: September 2014
Project number: 2014-014
Beneficiary: Associazione Arca Comunità Il Chicco

Il Chicco in Ciampino  is one out of the 3 L’Arche communities in Italy. The Community was open in 1981; it is the home for 19 disabled people and the semi residential shelter for other 8 disabled. Some of them are suffering from Down syndrome, others have serious intellectual disabilities, others are affected by autism, and finally some have Apert syndrome. Some have spastic quadriplegia. They are fully assisted by paid staff together with 5 volunteers who are committed to L’Arche values. Volunteers and the mentally disabled share accommodation, meals and services.

As many residential shelters for disabled, Il Chicco must accomplish rules as foreseen by the Italian Legislation, which guarantee safety and security to all the community members. In this light the project goals were 1. setting up a fire alarm; 2. Restoration of two terraces with waterproofing materials.
According to the first goal, the project, which received a grant from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has foreseen the creation of a network of fire alarm sensors in all the buildings of the community “Il Chicco”.
People with mental disabilities live in 3 of these buildings (“Chicco”, “Vigna” and “Ulivo”), while in the other buildings there are a daycare center (“Germoglio”) and offices (Spiga).
The installed alarm system is optical and acoustic with the possibility to activate a general alarm from each operating system of the above-mentioned buildings.
These signals arrive directly to the office where an acoustic and optical signal is activated and is automatically connected to emergency phone numbers.

According to the second goal, restoration of two terraces with waterproofing materials, two terraces have been waterproofed with Syrfapore continuous membrane component, applicable on the existing floor after a thorough cleaning, grouting, and restoration of the painting on the outer edge of the terrace.  Furthermore works of demolition, supply and installation were completed. Terraces are now provided with the grid for the collection of water, the walls were partially demolished and restored with plaster and the adjacent osmotic was color painted.

Concerning the methodology before starting the project, an appropriate selection has been done to identify in the surroundings, the best offer for the materials and works implementation. The companies therefore selected corresponded to the standards required by the Community Il Chicco in order to guarantee and improve comfort and facility for the care of those living in the community.
Once the expenditure forecasts were approved, before signing the contract, the companies selected were briefed on the community’s habit and needs so to work in the full respect and harmony with the community’s beneficiary.
The construction works have been done with a tight timing, phase by phase, in order to respect the Community activities timetable and save the Community atmosphere which is fundamental to the wellbeing of the disabled.
The project contact person has continuously monitored and supervised the activity of the project.

Being it a project of construction, the main result (quality of the works and the equipment; respect of the delivering deadline) were fully gained.
The works - including the testing, were completed by the deadline agreed;
The equipment is of high quality as the required.  The community buildings now have at disposals a modern alarm system, optical and acoustic, which is vital to guarantee the security of the community’s guests. The terraces of the community’s building are now waterproofed.

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