Knitting Course and Micro Enterprise Management Training Course for Women

Project location: BOLIVIA, El Alto
Project start date: May 2006 - Project end date: May 2008
Project number: 2005-18
Beneficiary: AssociaciĆ²n XXI

Final report

Together with providing the premises for the correct carrying out of the course, 45 knitting machines were put at the attendees' disposal with the necessary materials, and a canteen was also organised.
Being this a pilot course, the first step was the careful selection of the "objective group" and the explanation on how the program, that lasted for five months, was to be carried out. A modest but important incentive was scheduled for those who attended the meetings, to allow them bearing the more urgent needs and as guarantee of attendance.
The forecast of the results was positive in view of the perspective of being able to start a job useful for the entire family.
The training meetings for the management of micro enterprise were fundamental for the prosecution of the project that scheduled the creation of small groups (small cooperatives of 4/5 people) and the issuing of a start up loan, that was paid back following a repayment plan, and created the base for a rotating fund. This implied a monitoring activity by the Organisation for at least two years.

Regarding the promotion of the micro-credit activities in the community of El Alto, Asociacion XXI created a rotatory fund to be used for micro-credit purposes.
The conditions of allocation, use and refunding of the micro-credit followed some precise criteria:
1. Only subjects resident in the geographic area of El Alto could apply for a micro-credit.
2. Only subjects unable to access any other form of ordinary credit, because lacking the necessary guarantees, could apply for a micro-credit.
3. The requests could be granted solely by the Organisation.
4. The maximum amount granted could be of USD 800,00
5. Every loan bore a minimum interest of 12 % on annual basis.
6. The repayment plan had to be agreed for a maximum period of two years, with constant monthly instalments to be paid directly to the Organisation or representatives appointed by the Organisation
7. Applications by subjects going into partnership for the development of a common goal or that invested a large part of the community with a responsibility, at least from the moral point of view, were favoured.
8. The returned sums had to be used only to feed the micro-credit rotatory fund.
9. Every change of the above mentioned conditions had to be agreed with the Foundation.

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