Support for the Choir of Shkodra Cathedral “Scuola Cantorum”

Project location: ALBANIA, Shkodra
Project start date: September 2016 - Project end date: May 2017
Project number: 2016-030
Beneficiary: Consulting And Development Partners


The Scuola Cantorum was founded at Shkodra Cathedral on the initiative of the cardinal and composer, Father Mikel Koliqi in 1932.
The choral singing tradition in Shkodra has been acclaimed since the nineteenth century, but the Scuola Cantorum is considered an especially emblematic part of it. A very important role in this must be attributed to the Catholic Church in Albania. Under the direction of Cardinal Koliqi the choir became a place where an entire generation of musicians grew up and became famous: Prenkë Jakova, Çesk Zadeja, Tonin Harapi, Tish Daija, Simon Gjoni, to name but a few.

This project, which received a grant from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, aims at promoting the Choir's precious history.

A promotional campaign will be carried out involving distribution of leaflets and brochures to the Cathedral's visitors. Similar material will be distributed to the main cultural institutions of Shkodra.

Furthermore, the present choir will record the main beautiful and famous pieces produced during the years and will publish a limited edition of 500 CDs. They will be distributed or sold in order to produce other CDs or to sustain the training activities of the choir.

A concert in the pedestrian street Gjuhadol in collaboration with ARKA cultural youth center will be carried out, in addition to a concert with a church choir in Montenegro. This will be the first activities for choir promotion, but the aim is to continue with concerts outside the church in different Shkodra urban and rural parts.

The following activities have been planned:

To promote the choir and attract talented people

    1. Identification of talented children and youth that will be part of the choir.
    2. Selection of teachers for the music classes.
    3. Canto, piano, guitar and violin classes for at least 40 children
    4. Solfeggio classes for 40 children
    5. Purchase of different instruments as pianos, violins, guitars for the music classes and purchase of audio system for the organization of the events.
To promote the choir's history
  1. Publication of a promotional brochure for the choir
  2. Production of a DVD with the best of choir music
  3. Organization of concerts in Rr. Gjuhadol, near the Youth Center Arka
  4. Exchange with choirs in Montenegro

Hopefully, by promoting the choir young talented people will be aware of its existence and might take part in it.

Consulting And Development Partners
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