1000 Days in Tor Sapienza (Rome). Strengthening of Interventions of Early, Integrated and Multidimensional Support to Pregnant Women, New Parents and Children (0-3 years)

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: September 2016 - Project end date: August 2017
Project number: 2016-031
Beneficiary: Associazione Pianoterra Onlus


Giorgio Morandi is one of the most impoverished area in Rome. It is a complex of council estate made up of 504 flats build on a ring reinforced concrete structure where the only basic healthcare services for the more than 2500 residents is the clinic of a general practitioner. There is no pediatrician covered by the national healthcare service, there is no service of doctor on call, home help or pharmaceutical help.
1000 Days program established its operative base in a structure called “La Casetta delle Arti e dei Giochi” and its main goals are:

1. Simplify and encourage an adequate and efficient fruition of social‐healthcare and family care structures and services for vulnerable families
2. Offer services and activities aimed at the care and wellbeing of both mother and child not available on the territory.

This project received a grant from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation. The activities foreseen are:

1. Reinforce 1000 Days’ network that includes organizations, public bodies and other territorial structures which deal with mother‐child healtcare and offer activities and services for most vulnerable families.
2. Reinforcing the counselling and reception space to welcome a growing number of pregnant women and mothers who turn to it. For each new beneficiary a careful analysis of demand, needs and resources is carried out in order to identify a specific individual route for support and empowerment.
3. Monthly thematic meetings with specialists of woman and child’s health and wellbeing and of psyco‐educational groups in support to parenthood. The meetings are scheduled with different specialists such as: paediatrician; perinatal educator; experts of wellbeing for women and their families.
4. Recreational activities to facilitate mother‐child interaction and recreational activities for children (aged 0‐3). This activity is organized and directed by professional educators in collaboration with 1000 Days coordinator and team.
5. Maternity Suitcase: a suitcase containing garments and products for baby’s hygiene and care and mother’s care. Each pregnant woman will receive a Maternity Suitcase just before the birth only if she has signed up 1000 Days program since the 4th month of pregnancy, carried out all the exams and screenings recommended and provided by National Healtcare Service and attended a course of preparation to birth and parenthood.

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