Support to Associazione Ambientalista Marevivo - Years 2017-2020

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: October 2017 - Project end date: October 2020
Project number: 2017-066
Beneficiary: Associazione Ambientalista Marevivo Onlus

Marevivo is a national association recognized by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, with 30 years of experience in protecting the sea and its resources. In carrying out its activities in Italy and abroad, Marevivo is supported by a scientific commission and a legal one, its territorial delegations, a diving division and a widespread network of volunteers and members of the association.
Thanks to its "impartial" role, away from any political organizations, and to a strengthened image of intellectual honesty and autonomy, over the years Marevivo has created a well-structured network of relationships with public institutions, citizens and sector categories, on national and international level.
Marevivo works for the biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, enhancement and promotion of marine protected areas, in combating pollution and illegal fishing, in promoting environmental education. Marevivo’s activities aim to press for institutions commitment and increase the attention and the involvement of public opinion and media towards the preservation of that common precious good that is our sea.
Marevivo has built its philosophy on a fair balance between environmental protection and economic and social development, and is characterized by a proactive approach in line with its mission.

Marevivo is carrying out several projects and campaigns, at national level, on protection and enhancement of the marine ecosystem.
In particular, the most important ones focus on:
−    environmental education, through projects such as " Island Guardian Dolphins" and "NauticinBlu" that, for the current school year, as well as dozens of teachers and experts, will involve about 2,000 students in 15 islands and 2 cities, and about 600 students in 8 Italian cities;
−    fight against pollution , with "Mare Mostro" campaign on the impact of plastic on our sea that involves, through awareness raising activities the public opinion and all the categories, at various levels linked to the sea, institutional and non-institutional, and through activities urging decision-making at Parliamentary level;
−    conservation of biodiversity through advocacy actions and petitions on the main dedicated platforms.

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded a three-year grant (2017-2020) for the activities of Marevivo, which include:

−    stimulating and promoting in general the respect for the natural environment and in particular, for our sea and all its forms of life;
−    promoting sustainable lifestyles in our cities, consistent with the main environmental emergencies;
−    bringing young people closer to nature teaching that human beings are  part of it and that it is everyones’ resource;
−    launching actions and proposing solutions to concretely react against the waste abandonment.

Subjects involved in the project
The subjects involved are the civil society, from institutions to administrations, media, citizens, in particular  students and teachers, etc.

think global, act local
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