Free-of-charge Treatment for 150 Elderly People with Osteoarthropathy or Discopathy

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: September 2004 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2004-20
Beneficiary: ARACO Onlus


The project proposed by ARACO is based at a medical office owned by the organization itself, which is located in the city of Rome (viale Trastevere, 141 ). In this location the ARACO medical staff already practices no invasive therapies, aimed to patients improving both of pain and articular mobility. The ARACO staff follows three therapeutic approaches:

1)oxygen and ozone therapy,


3) osteopathy.

The first method utilizes the scientifically well-known analgesic, anti inflammatory and trophic properties of oxygen mixed to ozone; the mix is inoculated intro-articularly and/or peri-articularly, depending on the zone affected. It is scientifically recognized that starting from the first applications patients experiment a visible pain reduction and furthermore, going on with the treatment, their mobility substantially improves.

The second method is a modern application of homeopathic medicine, it utilizes the inoculation of a cocktail of homeopathic remedies with a very small needle in previously selected areas around the suffering articulation. This approach has demonstrated to be very effective in reducing pain.

The third method faces the problem under the bio mechanical approach, evaluating the reason of the surcharging of the affected articulation; the articular mobilization can be improved and brought back to normality through a series of movements.

The ARACO project funded by the Nando Peretti Foundation aims at reaching and successfully treating a number up to 150 patients over sixty five belonging to less advantaged social classes (with an average number of at least 300 complete treatments, which means 1500 single therapies).

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