Pilot project “Woman’s Traditional Artisanal Workshop”

Project location: Albania
Project start date: September 2018 - Project end date: March 2019
Project number: 2018-024
Beneficiary: Fondacioni Mbretersha Geraldine / Queen Geraldine Foundation

The Woman's Traditional Artisanal Workshop mission was to provide skilled artisanal training to ten women, whom were identified with the assistance of the local authorities from the city of Burrel as needing financial support.

Through the cooperation of the "Tradita Popullore Foundation" the Queen Geraldine Foundation (QGF) was successful in providing training and tangible skills to woman, in the carpet weaving and other cloth and traditional tapestry.

This project received a grant from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation. The project goal was the Albanian cultural revival of traditional techniques and insuring the protection of regional patterns and designs. Training and supporting woman from disadvantaged families.

All participants who successfully completed the six month training received a qualification certificate from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Youth. This was accomplished through the cooperation with the Tradita Popullore Foundation which had the legal frame work to provide the professional training requirements.

The participants have successfully taken part in two exhibitions: in Prizren Kosova and one in Tirana, Albania, at the Tirana Castle. The exhibition at the "Toptani Shopping Center" was attended by the Foundation President Princess Elia Zaharia Zogu and Edlira Sula, the President of the "Tradita Popullore foundation". All work and artistic talents were presented to the general public with great success, giving merited credit to the trainees.

The QGF organised a closing ceremony on the 12th of October which was attended by the Minister of Environment, Mr. Blendi Klosi.

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