N.E.S.T: Nido Educazione Servizi Territorio (NEST Education Services Territory)

Project location: Italy, Naples
Project start date: April 2018 - Project end date: April 2019
Project number: 2018-015
Beneficiary: Associazione Pianoterra Onlus

[2019-029 | 2021-005]

NEST was launched on 16th April 2018 with the support of the social enterprise "Con I Bambini" with which the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation cooperates as a co-sponsor for the realization of the Hub in Naples.
The whole initiative is implemented in 4 different areas (Milan, Rome, Naples and Bari) to create a system of interventions (educative Hub) composed by an efficient network of protection and services to support the most vulnerable households. NEST wants to be a model of integrated intervention, replicable and sustainable, based on the active and synergic implication of all competent territorial actors, with the objective of providing integrated, personalized, dynamic and flexible resources to answer to the most vulnerable families' needs.

The educational Hub in Naples, activated in the Lezzi' school, aims to welcome, integrate and support the formation of an educating community, able to stimulate solidarity links among people and entities through listening, orientation and socialization. The Hub aims also to enlarge the nuclear dimension of the family which is not able to deal with the criticism of vulnerable contexts.

The project, which received a grant from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, is organized on different levels of intervention, interdependent and strongly interconnected one to each other, with the aim of:

  • Enforcing and expanding access to educational services
  • Integrating existing educational services
  • Supporting parenthood

In particular, the activities envisaged by the Hub are:

  • Offer of social and healthcare services
  • Promotion of early reading and music
  • Offer of recreational and educational services
  • Services of orientation
  • Material support

From the operational point of view, NEST envisages the strengthening of educational offer already available through the Educational and Daycare Space (SEC, Spazio Educativo e di Custodia) for children aged 0-3 with no opportunity to access the municipal nursery and a Family Space for parents aimed at receiving, listening, supporting and orienting to local social, educational and healthcare services. Both services are open every day for 4 hours per day. Activities of SEC and Family Space are carried out in synergy with existing educational services, ensuring the integration of available services for the family. Ludic and recreational activities are also organized, including the involvement of mothers (or other referent adults) and children since the day of birth. Beside the educational program for little ones some empowerment actions are dedicated to adults, especially to enhance parent skills; the integrated support of families through the construction of personalized interventions on minors living in absolute poverty, the orientation of households to territorial services and the support to the access and usability of income support schemes. A group of pediatricians, midwifes, health and social operators as professional of the educating community are created to welcome, educate, support families composed of pregnant women and children aged 0-6, by group meeting, consultancies and awareness activities.
In Naples the launch of the HUB in the first year of the project confirmed the efficiency of the strategy and obtained the first outcomes.
In 12 months, the HUB has been opened, 8 specialized consultations have been provided, 11 operators and 65 families have been involved, 79 children took part in the proposed activities such as early reading, music, coding and creativity workshops, 49 parents were assisted and supported by CAF.

This project received grants also for the yeats 2019 and 2021.

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