Support and Charity for the Poor and Underprivileged in Rome

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: June 2019 - Project end date: June 2020
Project number: 2019-016
Beneficiary: Parrocchia San Salvatore In Lauro

The Parish of San Salvatore in Lauro is located in an area of the historic center where the papal prisons were originally located. Centuries ago, prisoners sentenced to death in the nearby Castel S. Angelo were detained here.  
With the rise of the Kingdom of Italy numerous barracks were constructed in Prati, around St. Peter's, and in the area of Tor di Nona which became a meeting place for prostitutes in the service of soldiers. 
Despite the slow redevelopment of the area over the past thirty years, this legacy of great poverty still maintains a pocket of discomfort concentrated in the streets of Tor di Nona where many families still live in a state of great economic and social difficulty. 
For the past thirteen years, the Order of the Knights of Malta has operated a monthly food distribution centre for these needy families. 

This project, which received a grant from the NaEPF, aims:

1- To help one individual in serious economic difficulty, disabled and with serious psychological issues, in the payment of one year's rent to avoid eviction;
2- To buy and prepare food packages for 10 months for 25 families in need;
3- For compensation and reimbursement of expenses to lay and religious counselors (nuns and catechists) who organize social, spiritual and recreational activities and social skills training on a regular basis in the square of San Salvatore for less privileged neighborhood children.

Since 2007, the Parish of San Salvatore in Lauro has been collaborating with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in assisting needy families in the area. These families have been selected on the basis of their income and the seriousness of the social hardship they find face.
The food packages that are distributed every fortnight contain food such as pasta, rice, jams, cheese, oil, and tomatoes.
Once a month a pack of meat is distributed (chicken, minced meat, sausages). 
Since May 2019, the Parish of San Salvatore in Lauro has been offering recreational activities in the square in front of the church; a meeting place where children come together to play every day.  
In order to carry out this project, it has collaborated with professionals from "the Magic Flute" Association.
The proposal is for one day of recreation and entertainment a week (on Friday) for about fifty children aged 3 to 12 years.
The program includes: mini Olympics, exhibitions, a puppet theater, treasure hunts and many other activities.
Three entertainers will be involved in this project.
The association "The Magic Flute" provides the professionals, while the seminarians of the Legionaries of Christ and the catechists of the parish collaborate in the project voluntarily.



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