The Nando Peretti School for Children: Construction of a School and an Hostel for Children

Project location: CHINA, Litang
Project start date: October 2003 - Project end date: October 2005
Project number: 2003-45
Beneficiary: Rabten Ghe Pel Ling - Centro studi Tibetani

Final report

The building of the Litang boarding school began as soon as the climatic conditions allowed it, on April 2nd 2004. By the end of August of the same year, both buildings were completed, while only the floor of the courtyard was still to be finished.

The boarding school consists of two buildings: the school and the boarding house. The school is on three floors: on the ground floor there are four classrooms and toilets. On the first floor there is a recreational area, a computer room, a library/laboratory (multi functional room), a classroom, a small dance hall were children are taught their traditional dance and more facilities. On the second floor there are the headmasters', the teachers' and the administrative offices, the school's main hall and toilet facilities.
The boarding house is on two floors: on the ground floor there is the refectory, the kitchen with fires alimented by wood, two dispensaries. On the first floor there are 12 bedrooms of which two for the tutors and ten for the children.

In a few days, the bedrooms, the dining room, the kitchen and two classrooms were completely provided with furniture. This allowed the nomad children to begin the school year.
On September 7th 2004 the opening ceremony of the boarding school took place, which was attended by, amongst the others, the Governor of Litang, the Headmaster of the boarding school, 7 teachers and all members of staff. On this occasion, each of the 80 children took the place assigned to them in the bedrooms of the boarding school and the following day they started the first day of school.

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