Our Response to the covid-19 Crisis

Our Covid-19 Emergency Relief Funds 

With the goal of mitigating the social, health and educational emergencies related to the contagion from Covid-19, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has made a number of extraordinary emergency grants00 The following list will be updated as new funding decisions are made. For further details regarding our interventions please visit this page.

Intersos (Rome, Italy) [NaEPF 2020-003]
Economic support for the implementation of anti-COVID-19 measures addressed to the population homeless and/or in conditions of social exclusion in the city of Rome, in order to guarantee health protection and to support the Regional Health System (SSR).
NaEPF grant: 17,000 euro

Associazione Cittadini del Mondo (Rome Italy) [NaEPF 2020-009]
Economic support for the purchase and distribution of sphygmomanometers, blankets, tracksuits, underclothes for the improvement of individual hygiene and sanitary conditions of Selam Palace's inhabitants.
NaEPF grant: 10,022 euro

Fondazione di Comunità San Gennaro (Campania, Italy)[NaEPF 2020-006]
Economic support for the grocery needs of 80 families currently living in dire social and economical straits; support for the two social cooperatives founded by Fondazione San Gennaro, which employ the young and the disabled, that had to layoff their employees.
NaEPF grant: 50,000 euro

Fondazione Comunitaria di Agrigento e Trapani (Sicily, Italy) [NaEPF 2020-004]
Urgent support to third sector entities that refer to different economical and social sectors (social agriculture, apiculture, training, education for minors, social canteens, assistance for the disabled).
NaEPF grant: 50,000 euro

Fondazione di Comunità Val di Noto (Sicily Italy) [NaEPF 2020-005]
Support for the supply of 117 full-optional tablets to be used in online classes for the children of the most disadvantaged families and for the young people guests of group homes; supply of shopping and medicine vouchers for 500 families.
NaEPF grant: 40,000 euro

Order of Malta - Rome Delegation [NaEPF 2020-008]
Support for the distribution of 100 daily hot meals in the two food kitchens for poor people and homeless in Trastevere and Via Adige in Rome.
NaEPF grant: 10,000 euro

Breede River Hospital (South Africa) [NaEPF 2020-007]
Support to cover the salaries and petrol costs of the Patient Care Team, committed to provide free palliative care and support at home to families of sick people within the entire Langeberg District and these include Ashton, Bonnievale, McGregor, Montagu, Robertson as well as the informal settlements and farms in the area.
NaEPF grant: 11,000 euro

ASSOCIAZIONE 21 LUGLIO (Rome, Italy) [NaEPF 2020-010]
Economic support for the purchase of food and basic necessities for 300 baby and 260 family parcels to be distributed on a weekly basis among the needy Roma families living in the Tor Bella Monaca district and the slums of Castel Romano, Tor Cervara and Salone.
NaEPF grant: 15,000 euro.

FONDAZIONE ALBERO DELLA VITA (West Bengal, India) [NaEPF 2020-014]
Economic support for the distribution of food, protective materials and basic commodities to contribute to the improvement of living conditions during covid-19 spread of the most vulnerable households of 5 Gram Panchayat in North 24 Parganas District, West Bengal, India.
NaEPF grant: 30,000 euro.

NOVE ONLUS (Kabul, Afghanistan) [NaEPF 2020 -011]
Distribution of food, emergency vouchers, hygiene kits and awareness on the hygiene rules to prevent
the spread of the Covid-19 and improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable households of Kabul, Afghanistan.
NaEPF grant: 19,900 euro.

Support to the "No House Is Far Away" initiative: psychological and educational support to students from Ragazzi Don Bosco Village and food assistance for families in need.
NaEPF grant: 17,800 euro.

Distribution of food and personal hygiene and sanitary products to elderly people and people with disabilities and Rebibbia and Regina Coeli prisoners in Rome in response to the covid-19 emergency /Rome, Itay)
NaEPF grant: 10,000 euro

FUNDACIÓ PRIVADA PERE CLOSA (Catalonia, Spain ) [NaEPF 2020-016]
Containing the socio-sanitary impact of Covid 19 among the weakest Roma communities of Catalonia, Spain.
NaEPF grant: 52,750 euro

Supporting the Virgin Niña-EPDB Center in favour of the most needy families in the community of El Alto, Bolivia.
NaEPF grant: 58,500 euro

Compassion and Care Centre - Giamzé ta chiong (Rome, Italy) [NaEPF 2020-024]
In response to the Covid-19 emergency, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant to the Compassion and Care Centre - Giamzé ta chiong covering its rent costs for one year.
NaEPF grant: 14,400 euro

Doctors with Africa CUAMM (South Sudan) [NaEPF 2020-025]
Grant for the purchase of a vehicle to be dedicated to the transport of COVID19 suspected/confirmed cases.
NaEPF grant: 25,000 euro

ASIA (Associazione per la Solidarietà Internazionale in Asia) (Myanmar) [NaEPF 2020-026]
Helping reduce the spread of COVID19 infection in Chin State, supplying the hospitals in the District of Mindat of additional sanitary materials (surgical masks, gloves, caps, aprons, hospital beds, infusion pumps).
NaEPF grant: 17,600 euro

Nurture Africa (Uganda) [NaEPF 2020-027]
Support to Nurture Africa in assiting the Ugandan Government’s national response to COVID-19.
NaEPF grant: 30,000 euro

MSF (Sicily, Italy) [NaEPF 2020-028]
Support to cover human resources costs related to 1 epidemiologist, 1 Medical doctor per the telecovid activity, and 2 nurses for three months. 
NaEPF grant: 50,000 euro

Light for the World (South Sudan) [NaEPF 2020-029]
Helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 by extending support to people with disabilities in Internally Displaced People Camps in South Sudan
NaEPF grant: 30,000 euro

Support to provide training on prevention, diagnosing and managing of identified cases of Covid-19, equipment to the staff and to the vulnerable patients, and raise awareness initiatives about Covid-19 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
NaEPF grant: 20,000 euro

Amref (West Nile District, Uganda) [NaEPF 2020-031]
Support to contribute to the control of the COVID19 incidence among refugee and host communities of Rhino Camp Arua District in West Nile Region of Northern Uganda by strengthening Risk Communication, Infection Prevention and Control (IPC/PPE), Community Engagement and reinforcing the coordination of district actors.
NaEPF grant: 60,000 euro

UNHCR (Niger) [NaEPF 2020-032]
Support to United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR) in Niger with the goal of mitigating the social, health and educational emergencies related to the pandemic.
NaEPF grant: 30,000 euro

AVIS (Rome, Italy) [NaEPF 2020-036]
Support to AVIS to help with blood donations shortage during the pandemic.
NaEPF grant: 10,000 euro

Organizzare Italia (Italy) [NaEPF 2020-037]
Support to a project for teachers: "Innovative Neurorganizing Methodology to Train Organizational Skills in Response to Changes in Educational Institutions"
NaEPF grant: 15,000 euro

A.R.C.A. Foundation (Italy) [NaEPF 2020-038]
Support for Summer Camps at Parco Natura Viva
NaEPF grant: 15,000 euro

Worldrise (Italy) [2020-039]
Supporting a Pilot Project Dedicated to the Creation of a Ligurian Ecosystem after the Pandemic and on the Occasion of the Decade Of Sea Sciences For Sustainable Development


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