Our Response to the covid-19 Crisis

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation is trying to do its best to help mitigate the sanitary, social and economic effects of the pandemic on the most vulnerable segments of the population, in defense of the health and human rights of all people. At the same time, however, it is key for us all to also think and act in terms of wider planetary health.

As the COVID-19 crisis intensifies, so too does the severe challenges this pandemic outbreak presents for animal owners, and animal welfare organizations, including shrinking resources to care for their animals. Animal shelters and rescue centers are dealing with staff shortages and new physical distancing directives, while animal owners are coping with unprecedented financial and resource challenges.

Always committed to promoting animal welfare and wildlife conservation, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation will continue during this time of uncertainty and fear to ensure animals in need aren't forgotten.

During and after this crisis, we will continue our passionate work in defense of biodiversity. We look forward to re-join forces with the many environmental and animal welfare organizations with which we have partnered for years, in order to push for a radical change in the way we interact with nature. The rapid spread of coronavirus has shown us the true meaning and profound implications of our interdependence with nature. And it is from here that we must start again and move on to make sure our post-pandemic world will truly be different.

Our animal welfare emergency grants during the Covid-19 outbreak:

Food supply and medical-veterinary care for the animals hosted in the Fondaizone Prelz's kennel in Campagnano Romano, Rome.
NaEPF grant: 8.000 euro

HORSE-ANGELS ODV (Padua, Rome, Urbino - Italy) [NaEPF 2020-017 ]
Promoting Horses Welfare During The Covid-19 Emergency: Food For Horses And Support For Three Stables In Need In Padua, Rome And Urbino (Italy).
NaEPF grant: 5.000 euro.

Hay, food supply and veterinary care for protecting horses at risk of starvation during the covid-19 emergency (Italy).
NaEPF grant: 5.000 euro

RE-Wild Liguria ODV (Italy) [NaEPF 2020- 018]
Supporting RE-Wild Liguria ODV 's activities to restore wilderness in Ligurian Apennine, and monitor and protect the feral horses population in Aveto Regional Park (Italy).
NaEPF grant: 2.000 euro

ACEEGi (Girona, Spain) [NaEPF 2020-021 ]
Supporting "All For Horses" campaign to ensure welfare of riding school horses and adequate supplies of fodder and feed during the Covid 19 crisis.  
NaEPF grant: 15.000 euro.

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