University Scholarship in Medicine for two African Nuns

Project location: MADAGASCAR
Project start date: November 2004 - Project end date: November 2011
Project number: 2004-27


Interim Report, October 2010

The donation of the Nando Peretti Foundation was devoted to two Sisters of the Institute of the Little Missionary Sisters of Charity (Don Orione), a congregation that has as its main purpose the exercise of charity toward the neighbour and the consecration of their lives to Christ and His Church by helping the poor and abandoned and by the teaching of a Christian doctrine and the practice of merciful works. The scholarship is intended to allow two nuns to study medicine and then to practice medicine in the poorest and most degraded social contexts of Madagascar, a very poor Country where the issue of women's health is of utmost importance and the socio-cultural training of doctors is not sufficient to provide concrete answers to the needs of first aid and prevention of epidemic diseases, widespread on the island.

The courses are held in Antananarivo. After her first period of study, from 2004 to 2007, one of two recipients of the scholarship - Nirisoa Melene Famnajatovo - had to leave the school due to family problems. The sisters then decided to use the remaining years of the donation to allow two other young women, a nurse and a laboratory technician, to continue their studies. In this way, the support was given to three young women instead of two.
Sister Razanakolona Hary Dera has attended a degree course in medicine at the University of Ankatso (Antananarivo) since 2004; simultaneously she undertook the research and hospital practice, achieving good results. By the end of 2010 she will get her degree and will begin graduate studies in pharmacology and pediatrics.
Sister Marie Françoise Nivoarisoa Odile has completed the undergraduate program in geriatric nursing at the National Institute of Paramedicine of Antananarivo (ISPARAMED) in September 2010.
Sister Lucie Rakotoharimalala Bakonirina Emma has completed the second and final year of a laboratory technician course at the National Institute of Paramedicine of Antananarivo (ISPARAMED) with great success, finishing fourth among the fourteen students who have attended the course.

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