COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to School Children and People in Need in Sicily (Siracusa, Noto, Modica Pozzallo, Scicli, Pachino)

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Project location: ITALY, Sicily
Project start date: April 2020 - Project end date: July 2020
Project number: 2020-005
Beneficiary: Fondazione Di Comunità Val Di Noto

The Community Foundation of Val di Noto (Sicily) was officially established in 2014. It sustains the development and strenghtening of a supportive and integrated community in the Sicilian territory, and in particular in the municipalities of the Val di Noto. Concerned with education, welfare, social cohesion and employment, the Foundation pays particular attention to young people and the most marginalized groups: homeless, prisoners and their families. Based in Syracuse, it acts to favours the exchange of resources, knowledge, opportunities, and to catalyze resources and fundraise in favour of specific projects. Funds are raised from citizens, profit and non-profit organizations and are invested in local social project.
In response to the covid 19 emergency, with the aim of mitigatinf the health, economic and social effects of the pandemic on the fragile context of South Italy, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant to the Community Foundation of Val di Noto in Sicily for the following goals:

- supply of 34 kits (tablet + phone card + earphones) and 100 phone top-ups to support 134 children and their families to study

The Val di Noto Foundation is helping some local schools (including the "S. Lucia" Institute, primary and secondary schools in Syracuse - the Vittorini Institute in Scicli and the study center "Piano Gesù" in Modica) in initiatives to combat educational poverty and in favor of school support and educational activities. The children need IT support to participate in video lessons with their teachers and the mediation of operators for a one-to-one relationship.

- supply of 68 KITS (tablet + phone card + earphones) to support 68 children and their families

For the children of the Educational Centers located between the outskirts of the cities (two in Syracuse, two in Modica, one in Noto) and the small semi-rural centers of the Val di Noto (Frigintini, Scicli jungi and Valverde, Pachino, Pozzallo) take care of the social and cultural frailties of children and adolescents.

- supply of 15 kits (tablet + phone card + earphones) to support 15 children and teenagers living in community and family homes

The supplies will go to school-age children of Casa Don Puglisi, which welcomes 12 mothers with children for a total of about 15 children followed daily by a network of operators and volunteers; to the children of Casa dell'Arca, a housing community for minors (Modica) which for 20 years has been, for the whole province, a shelter and psycho-physical care center for minors who come from social and family contexts of hardship and disadvantage.

- Supply of:
- 220 shopping vouchers of € 30 each;
- 120 pharmacy vouchers of € 30 each;
- 60 gas cylinder vouchers of € 30 each;
- 100 contributions for the payment of bills of € 40 each to help 500 families in this period of extreme difficulty.

The needy families will be reached through the Padre Massimiliano Kolbe association, which has been taking care, since 2016, of the less well-off in the Municipality of Syracuse, with special attention to the peripheries and degraded neighborhoods of Mazzarona and via Italia 103 (the "Vele di Scampia " in Syracuse in the Akradina district). For the distribution of basic necessities, in the smaller centers, the network of help centers will be activated which consists of more than 40 help and listening centers (including parishes and associations) which are distributed in 8 cities in the Val di Noto. In this period of limitations relating to the COVID-19 emergency, more than 5000 people ask for help from the various centers and who need help of all kind.

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