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The Order of Malta confers the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundations the Cross pro Merito Melitensi 

To honour the Foundation’s 20 years of collaboration in humanitarian projects, Leopoldo Torlonia Rome Delegate for SMOM and Riccardo Paternò di Montecupo, President of the Italian Association of the Knights of Malta, recently appointed by Pope Francias as Grand Chancellor of the Order of Malta, conferred to the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation the Cross pro Merito Melitensi the highest honour awarded for a charity. 
The decoration ceremony was held back in April at the S. Mauro Abbate parrish church, in Rome where the voluntaries of the Roman Delegation of the Order of Malta distributed food packages, clothings and gifts to the families living in the suburbs of Laurentino 38, families with very low incomes, that the Foundation supports since 2002 in collaboration with SMOM 
The fight against poverty in the Roman suburbs, to contribute to stopping decay, school drop-outs and poor health care continue to be the cornerstones of the Foundation's specific interventions in the Italian capital's suburbs.

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