Activities for Deaf Children

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: July 2006 - Project end date: August 2006
Project number: 2006-20
Beneficiary: Istituto Sordi Roma

Meetings with teenagers and handicapped children to share views and problems, and for the construction of their autonomy and identity.


The Nando Peretti Foundation cofunded this project to create a "Listening time for adolescents" where kids can ask questions and find solutions to deafness related problems and other handicaps. Psychological help for the individual and group, and a chance to speak and be heard  where hearing and deaf adults are interested in the ideas, the approach to reality, the effort needed to raise an adolescent child. In particular, deaf and hearing kids with communication difficulties can benefit from this project by finding a way to develop the highest degree of autonomy and therefore a chance to give a direction to their lives and take matters in their own hands. Also, they can share their experience and their stories with others, expressing emotions, feelings. The project will include group meetings every fifteen days, freestyle discussions using sign language, guest speakers such as journalists, politicians, historians and so on. Newspapers are going to be read and commented,  in addition to watching movies and documentaries.

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