Sustain and Protect the Ecosystem

Project location: KENYA, Ol ari Nyiro
Project start date: September 2005 - Project end date: September 2010
Project number: 2005-22

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Protection and sustainable development of the natural resources are interlinked. In a country where most of its population live below the poverty level environmental degradation proceeds at an alarming rate, it is imperative to link the protection  of the environment with  the ecological, creative and sustainable development of its natural resources.


Ol ari Nyiro is situated on the Great Rift Valley, humanity early cradle; it is symbolic of common human origins;here people emerged undifferentiated to spread through the world.

The survival of the  precious biodiversity  of the Laikipia nature conservancy  is dependant on its constant protection from encroachment, monitoring of plants and wildlife species, and the  management of the  natural resources.Ol ari Nyiro is situated on the sensitive boundary with the district of Baringo, where pastoralist tribes compete for grazing and livestock. A 24 hours vigilance from GMF's patrols, integrated with community service and  education activities, is imperative to maintain this fragile balance.

Poaching of Elephant and Rhino is on the increase throughout Africa. The GMF has one of its kind antipoaching  team which deals with the recruitment and training of personnel, and supervises all activities pertaining to wildlife,  rhino and elephant monitoring, security and anti-poaching.  In addition to protection and monitoring of wildlife, GMF's rangers provide security to all visitors and guide school groups and researchers through the bush. 

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