Conserving Endangered Asian Elephants

Project location: INDIA, Jaipur
Project start date: September 2005 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2005-28
Beneficiary: Elephant Family


Please click on the links below to open the project reports of the project by "Elephant Family" which started in 2005:

Jaipur Elephants - Welfare Status 2009

- 2008 Veterinary Inspection

- Jaipur Welfare Project Annual Report 2008 [pdf 300 kb]

- Jaipur Welfare Project Annual Report 2007 [pdf 150 kb]

- 2005 Project Report [doc 700 kb]

- Dr. Khyne U Mar's Elephant Welfare Report 2005 [doc 400KB]



Please click to download the GUIDELINES ON CAPTIVE ELEPHANTS OF RAJASTHAN [pdf35kb]






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