Family Home for 4 Severely Disabled Children and Open-air Space for 9 Disabled Children in Rome

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: February 2013 - Project end date: December 2013
Project number: 2012-105
Beneficiary: L'accoglienza Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS



The NPF grant was intended to cover the costs of a 28-day holiday by the sea for all children with disabilities assisted by the beneficiary association. The holiday began on 21fst July and lasted until 18th August.

Since January 2014, l'Accoglienza was engaged in searching an affordable and suitable holiday house, that was eventually located in Focene. The guest house, owned by Carmelitane Sisters, had large rooms with private bathrooms, and it was very close to the beach. Moreover, it was deprived of any architectural barriers. The services offered included food and accommodation for all the children. Between March and June 2014, specific training and other team building activities were organized for all volunteers and professional operators. In June logistic and preparatory activities for the summer holiday were performed.

18 children, 13 with serious disabilities, both mental and physical, took part to the holiday activities, together with their educators, assistants and voluntaries who lived with them during the whole period.

In September several meetings to evaluate the good results of the project with all the operators were organized.

In short:

· Every child has enjoyed at least 2 hours of life outdoors for 30 days;

· 60% of the children involved has improved their social skills;

· 100% of the children involved had a reduction of respiratory infections;

· 100% of the children improved their diet.

· 65% of the children improved their linguistic skills.

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