NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan – CUAMM

Project location: SOUTH SUDAN
Project start date: August 2017 - Project end date: April 2018
Project number: 2017-044
Beneficiary: CUAMM Medici con l'Africa

Doctors with Africa CUAMM has extensive and consistent experience in South Sudan. CUAMM is present in the Country since 2007, as Ministry of Health (MoH) partner, as detailed in specific Memorandum of Understanding signed with local authorities at national and state level. In line with the main South Sudanese and international policies and CUAMM strategy, the priority sectors of the proposed interventions have been and are the following: maternal, neonatal and child health, TB, malaria and neglected diseases, health system strengthening.

The intervention supported by the NaEPF will take place in Southern Leich State (south part of former Unity State), in Panyijar County, which, is part of the area affected by or at risk of famine, together with Leer, Koch, Mayendit, for a total population of 325.000.

The action will address various Health System levels, improving its resilience towards the current emergency and others which might occur in future. On one side, the focus will be on the Primary Health Center services provision at grassroots level. Specific activities will also target emergency services at Nyal PHCC. The proposed intervention regards basic and emergency services provision for the most vulnerable groups and it is based on strong health and nutrition components integration, in line with humanitarian community orientations. It is going to benefit both Panyijar County population and those displaced households from the most affected areas (as Leer and Mayendit), escaping from insecurity and lack of resources but also looking for proper care.

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