NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan – INTERSOS

Project location: SOUTH SUDAN
Project start date: August 2017 - Project end date: April 2018
Project number: 2017-047
Beneficiary: INTERSOS


INTERSOS started its operation in South Sudan in 2006 and since then INTERSOS has been striving through humanitarian response providing life-saving assistance and emergency relief to host communities, internal displaced people (IDPs) and returnees affected by on-going crisis. With regard to sectors of interventions, INTERSOS has been major contributing humanitarian organization in Protection, WASH, Education in Emergency and Shelter/Non Food Items sectors.

In crisis contexts, children are most vulnerable to having their rights denied as lives are disrupted. Out-of-school children and adolescents are more vulnerable to violence, abuse, forced recruitment and engagement in life-threatening and, often, criminal activities. The conflict in South Sudan has permeated all levels of society leaving children and adolescents at particular risk of adopting violent behaviours as they have become normalised. In emergency contexts, education saves lives through providing children with safe and protective learning environments and integrating lifesaving messages into daily lessons. By re-establishing daily patterns and routines and facilitating positive peer interaction, education supports the psychosocial wellbeing and resilience of children. In the longer term, education has transformative properties, providing children with the skills and knowledge required to realize their dreams.

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant to this project. The program funded by the NaEPF will be carried out in South Sudan, Jonglei State, Unity State, Upper Nile, Western Equatoria; Central Equatoria. The planned activities aim to create access to education through safe and protective learning spaces, in addition INTERSOS will provide safe drinking water and adequate hygiene and sanitation services in schools, in the line with extend support beyond school enrollment. Moreover, gender and protection mainstreaming will be ensured during the project. In South Sudan, girls are more likely than boys to be kept home from school to care for younger siblings, early forced marriage or to do house work. INTERSOS will consider Child Friendly School approach to ensure education guarantees to all children, the right to a protective school environment with rehabilitation of schools and provision of school and learning material. Moreover, the intervention will offer potable drinking water, hand-washing facilities and clean safe toilets. Through Child2Child approach children will learn about hygiene and how to protect themselves and their families from infectious diseases. INTERSOS will also organize WASH and Nutrition awareness campaigns for children, teachers, parents of students enrolled, Parent and teachers associations (PTA) members and the entire community in order to sensitize on the importance of best nutrition and wash practices, breastfeeding, balanced alimentation and how to recognize symptoms of malnutrition and most common diseases in order to intervene in a timely manner.

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