N.E.S.T: Nido Educazione Servizi Territorio (NEST Education Services Territory)

Project location: ITALY, Naples
Project start date: April 2018 - Project end date: April 2019
Project number: 2018-015
Beneficiary: Associazione Pianoterra Onlus


The project regularly started on the 16th of April 2018. During the implementation of NEST in Naples, it became necessary to allocate more money for the startup activities of the project, such as the renovation of some school places and the creation of a welcoming place for the beneficiaries. The amount requested to Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has been used to co-finance the coordination activities both at local and national level. In particular the amount has been used to co-finance the human resources that are the supervisor, the Hub local coordinator, the early learning expert, the educator, the health consultant, the social and the front office operators.

In particular, the activities implemented are:

1. Network among different stakeholders to offer social and healthcare services
2. Hub's (school) renovation and furniture
3. Access to the Family Space
4. Access to the SEC (Educational and daycare space) for children aged 0-3

1. The first activities of the project has been focused on: the startup of the project, the training of the working group in the Hub of Naples and the creation of a synergic network, to offer highly specialized and complementary services to families. The activities has been also concentrated on the promotion of the Hub in different meeting points of families: baby clinics, schools, other centers and services for families. In particular, the national and local coordinator have worked together on different levels to introduce the project in the most suitable contexts:
Institutional level: in the Municipality of Naples, in a national press conference in presence of the mayor's assistant and the Councilor responsible for Education; in the national coordination tables of other entities like "Save the Children Italia"; in the coordination tables of the Social Enterprise "Con I bambini".
Social level: in baby clinics, vaccination centers, social services and in Comprehensive Schools of 3rd Municipality of Naples.
Community level: organizing information and demonstration meetings in the Hub, addressed to the families of the neighborhood.
These activities will continue during all the project period, to engage more and more stakeholders such as:
Department of Education of the Municipality of Naples, Social Services 3rd municipality, Primary and Secondary School Fava Gioia, OPG social centre, Paediatricians of the Third municipality, Family clinics of the 3rd Municipality (Pietravalle and Stella), Cooperative Davantage, Churches, Primary and Secondary Schools, Recreation centre Ludoteca Miracoli, family service centers, rehabilitation centers
2. The Hub of Naples is located in the primary school Lezzi, a former convent in the center of Naples. As the building is old and the neighborhood is crumbling, the spaces given to Pianoterra by the Municipality of Naples needed an urgent renovation. Therefore, the first activity of the project has been the renovation and decoration of the spaces (2 classrooms and the corridor at the entrance of the school on the ground floor, 1 toilet, part of a classroom of the first floor), to make the environment welcoming for families and children aged 0 to 6.
3. The Family Space has been activated to receive, listen, support and orient parents to local, social, educational and healthcare services. At the beginning, Pianoterra organized activities and demonstrative workshops to engage the beneficiaries. Currently, the Family Space sets up a calendar of activities, in order to give parents a space to meet their needs and strengthen parenting/individual skills. The Family Space organizes parent/child activities to encourage a relation based on listening and empathy and a place dedicated to play and creativity, managed by professional educators, to give parents time for themselves. Until now 10 experts have been engaged; several activities have been implemented for children (arts, reading, music) and adults (fiscal support, pediatrician, nutritionist); 15 children aged 0-3, 20 children aged 3-6, 8 children aged 0-1, 40 families have been involved.
4. The last activity, just started and concerning the children inclusion, is the Educational and Daycare Space (SEC, Spazio Educativo e di Custodia), for children aged 0-3. Until now we have worked with the NEST team to share methodological issues and introduce the monitoring instruments. From the operational point of view, a call for proposal has been drafted to collect the registration forms; the project team collected and analyzed the applications. The selected families who obtained the highest score have been called for a first interview. At the end of this interview the families proceeded to the registration at the service and then to the gradual inclusion of their children, due to the early age.
The SEC services are open every day for 4 hours per day. This has been thought in particular for the age segment between 18 and 32 months which has more difficulties of access, and for people already included in local city council's waiting lists but have not had the opportunity of entering the services provided for. The SEC provides families with reception, daycare and education of children, enhancing their cognitive and emotional-relational development and reinforcing parents' skills and resources. The educational and recreational offers are organized in a daily activities planning, including routines and moments of play and relationship with educators and other children. In parallel, families are involved in individual and group activities to acquire and strengthen parenting, personal and professional skills.
Activities of SEC and Family Space are carried out in synergy with existing educational services, ensuring the integration of available services for the family. In particular, the existing educational offer is strengthened and integrated with the one provided by the Hub. 2 educators, 11 children, 11 families have been involved within the SEC.

• Result 1: Network among different stakeholders to offer social and healthcare services activated
• Result 2: Hub's (school) renovation and furniture implemented
• Result 3: Access to the Family Space implemented and activities calendar organized
• Result 4: Access to the SEC (Educational and daycare space) for children aged 0-3 implemented

NEST is a three-year project so the activities will be carried out both in 2019 and 2020.
The results during the 2018 were:
1. n. 3 stakeholders involved, to offer social and healthcare services (CAF AIP, AIED, ASL)
2. n. 1 Hub opened
3. n. 85 parent welcome into the Family Space
4. n. 11 children aged 0-3 welcome into the SEC (Educational and daycare space)

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