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SPAIN, Barcelona
  Support to the Gallery A|34 in Barcelona Founded by Paco Rebés and Setting-up two Exhibitions in 2020
Paco Rebés is a Catalan art-gallery owner whose name is, at the same time, closely linked to flamenco. Born in Barcelona in 1921, his interest...

  Caravaggio in Rome. A Baroque life.
The studies on Caravaggio, from a documentary, distributional and critical point of view, are constantly evolving. Remarkable is the attention of the...

ITALY, Florence
  Artigianato e Palazzo 2019 - 25th edition
The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant for this project:16/17/18/19 MAY 2019ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO: CELEBRATES ITS "VERMEIL...

  Inventory. The Fountains of Za’atari
Inventory. The Fountains of Za'ataria is a project by Margherita Moscardini. The exhibition is curated by Marcello Smarrelli.Opening 11 July 2018...

ITALY, Milano
  Arrangement, Digitalization and Publication of the Principal Operas Composed by Maestro Vittorio Gnecchi
The last two decades of the XIX century and the first of the XX, in the the closing splendour of the era of Victoria, Queen and Empress and of Franz...

  ALIAS, Contemporary Music for an Early Instrument, the Viola d'Amore. Recording of a CD
ALIAS is contemporary music written by the Italian composer Elvira Muratore, conveyed to the hands of Valerio Losito, tailored to suit perfectly the...

ITALY, Milan
  Tradition and modernity: The Ballet School of Accademia Teatro alla Scala
This project aims to:• Train young talents coming from Italy and abroad to become professional dancers with a multiple specialization in...

ALBANIA, Shkodra
  Support for the Choir of Shkodra Cathedral “Scuola Cantorum”
The Scuola Cantorum was founded at Shkodra Cathedral on the initiative of the cardinal and composer, Father Mikel Koliqi in 1932. The choral singing...

  One year's Support for the Chorus "Sonos Ensemble" of the Parish of SS. Trinity of the Pilgrims in Rome
Musical heritage preservation at the Roman Church Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini. This project is dedicated to the preservation of a high...

ITALY, Crespi d’Adda, Bergamo, Lombardia
  Zone a Traffico Culturale (ZTC): Un Format per la Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Culturale, la Produzione Artistica Partecipata e l’economia della Cultura in un Sito Patrimonio dell’umanità dell’UNESCO in Italia
[NEP2015-01] COCLEA è una agenzia di sviluppo nata nel 2006, che mette al centro delle proprie attività temi come la...

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