Assistance to Needy Families in the Garbatella Neighborhood of Rome

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: September 2006 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2006-17
Beneficiary: AVCISMOM

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The Roman suburb La Garbatella is located in the Southern part of Rome and its extension is limited by Via Ostiense and Circonvallazione Ostiense and by Via Cristoforo Colombo and via Giustiniano Imperatore.
This area started to be inhabited in 1920 from a first group of houses built in Piazza Benedetto Brin. The construction company was the Institute of Popular Homes, basing on a plan done in 1904. Among the architects who participated to the construction, there were some of the most talented Roman ones such as Piacentini, Cancellotti, Marchi, Marconi and Vietti. The neighbourhoods have been completed between the 1920 and the 1930. Some huge popular buildings have been built in that period to provide housing for families coming from the historical centre of Rome evicted from their houses by the Government. During the 40s, new buildings have been built in this area, most of them destined for public officers. From the 50s to nowadays the original architectural project of the area has changed completely.
Since 2004, Mrs Emanuela Di Lorenzo, wife of the ambassador of the Order of Malta in Italy, coordinates a small group of volunteers for assisting the neediest families living in Garbatella. The group of volunteers is composed by Sister Alberta (a Vincenziane nun), Mrs Elena Spadolini (an inhabitant of the area) and Father Luciano Cacciamani. Presently there are 42 families who receive regular assistance. The parish church San Francesco Saverio alla Garbatella, located in Via Daniele Comboni 4, is the headquarters for the donations and the assistance aid, thanks to the parish priest Father Luciano Cacciamani.
The activities take place in the Garbatella suburb of Rome. Thanks to the grant awarded by  the Nando Peretti Foundation, the organization has been able to increase the number of food deliveries from 50 to 84 packages per month. All the food is given to needy families who live in the area, mainly composed of old people, with very modest pensions, or young couples out of work, single parents, some of them coming out of jail, with drug problems or neurological deficiencies.
The presence of the AVCISMOM is very well accepted by the Parish Priest, Father Luciano, who provided two rooms inside the Parish, in order to be able to meet people there and store the food. The organization meets monthly on the first or third Thursday and spends another day to prepare the packages with the help of Sister Alberta (Vincenziana), and Mrs Elena Spadolini (volunteer), who both live in the neighborough and know exactly what are the real needs of the people.
Every package contains: 2 kg of pasta, 1 kg of rice, 1kg of sugar, 1 l of milk, 1 l of fruit juice, 1 package of coffee, 1 box of jam, 1 box of cheese, some cans of tomatoes and Pesto sauces, vegetables, tuna fish, 1 package of biscuits, 1 l of oil or butter, cubes and pastina.
During Christmas and Easter festivities AVCISMOM tries to add to the regular packages traditional Italian food like Panettone, Pandoro, Torrone, Colomba, Corallina, eggs and chocolate eggs.
The organization buys the food at SIR Supermarkets, a company which offers special discounts and free transportation.
During the meetings, the organization spends time chatting with people and often try to help them with their problems.
The project received funding from the Nando Peretti Foundation in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Associazione di Volontariato dei Cavalieri Italiani del Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta (AVCISMOM)
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