Assisting the Needy Families of the Roman Suburb San Basilio

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: June 2011 - Project end date: June 2012
Project number: 2010-56
Beneficiary: SMOM

The project's aim is to provide assistance to needy families of the Roman suburb of San Basilio with activities of social intervention and economic support.

The suburb of San Basilio was born around the 1930s and was built over the caves of tufo by Mussolini. Initially the area of the district was a large valley where shepherds and farmers lived . Mussolini built the first houses of straw and mud called "7 lire". Successively, he demolished the village to make room for the construction of popular housing.
Today San Basilio is a neighbourhood that has many houses. The last houses were built around 80s and the green areas have been deeply sacrificed.
San Basilio is organized in two areas; a large "old town", which houses about 4,000 families and an the "suburb" consisting of private buildings, where about 1500 families live .

So far there are 40 needy families living in San Basilio that receive regular assistance. Some of them are parents and relatives of people convicted in the near Penitentiary of Rebibbia.
Mrs Alberta Serlupi coordinates this project in the San Basilio suburb. The project consists in keeping on with the regular distribution of goods, food, dresses and medicines as well as following the urgencies coming from economical difficulties in this area.
The distribution of the goods takes place twice a month in the Parish of San Cleto, thanks to the assistance of the Parrish.

The grant received from the Nando Peretti Foundation will allow the volunteer group to provide assistance with a constant budget of around € 800 per month in one year.

The SMOM's Delegazione di Roma
Around 1.500 needy families, mostly of Italian nationality, are assisted every year through the ten social centers and the four family counseling founded by the Gran Priorato di Roma inside various Roman parishes.
In the year 2010  more than 9000 food parcels have been distributed. The "ABC" Group (Assistance, Beneficence and Charity) has 65 volunteers of the Order of Malta and twice a week distributes 180 hot meals to the homeless living around Termini and Tiburtina rail stations: only in the year 2009  more than 20.000 hot meals were distributed.
The Assistance Centers and the Family Counseling headed by the Cooperative "Prospettive di Vita", promoted by the Rome Delegation of the Order, assist people in need on health matters, psychological diseases, legal issues both in the field of youth education and elder assistance. Particular support is devoted to the young mothers, drugs addicted and handicapped people. In the Centers  many professionals such psychologists, doctors and lawyers work pro bono. 

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