Support to the San Giovanni Battista Hospital

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: September 2004 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2004-22
Beneficiary: ACISMOM

Report May 2011

At the time of the report,  ceiling tiles, made ​​of mineral fibers,  have been installed in all departments. PVC linings on the walls have also been installed, and linoleum was laid on the flooring. The rooms have been painted with  different colors in order to allow patients with mental health problems to navigate, recognize and feel more familiar with the place where they spend the long period of rehabilitation.
Even the front doors of the bathrooms have been painted with the colors of the rooms themselves, according to the criteria mentioned above.
In every hospital room and common services areas both distributions (main and supplementary) of electricity have been completed, in addition to heating, air conditioning, water, medical gas, telephone and fire protection system.
All final equipment of facilities have been installed, such as toilets in the bathrooms, the units on headboards including  medical gas outlets, lights, power outlets, the emergency lights and air intake vents.
Outdoors, in the technical area of the hospital, ​​the new medical gas station was completed, in which  a vacuum pump,  oxygen cylinders and medical gas cylinders, medical gas treatment and alarm systems were installed. In the same technical area,  all pipes and channels of air conditioning that have been connected with the hospital's main heating system  have been installed.

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