Support to 250 Families of the Centre Nando Peretti Roma Sud (formerly Laurentino 38) Housing Estate of Rome

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: June 2003 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2003-34
Beneficiary: SMOM


Final Report March 2011

The year 2010 has passed in the wake of earlier ones, in terms of normal activities. The Nando Peretti Laurentino 38 Center's assisted became 180. In addition, there are about 35-40 people defined "in emergency", who are given a packet with the remaining food.
The normal distribution, which takes place twice a month, reached the number 3500 whole packs and 450 half-packs a year, corresponding to 72,250 kilos of food. The food parcels delivered were the usual ones and Maria Pia Fanfani's l'Associazione Sempre Insieme per la Pace has provided regular packs of Parmesan cheese, plus pasta, biscuits, milk, beans etc. It was necessary to buy 150 shopping carts since many assisted women, especially older ones, could not handle the package which had become too heavy (about 20 kg.). Before each deployment, a priest read a passage of Scripture, and said a prayer.

The distribution of clothing and accessories continued with the same request on the part of the needy. In addition to collaboration with Villa Flaminia, which sends lost luggage at Fiumicino to the center, several ladies and other benefactors of the Center have sent all sorts of clothing and accessories.
150 bedroom pillows donated by Hotel Bettoja and 150 blankets from the Hotel Polo (Billeci family) were distributed. As always, before the Easter holidays, a special package containing the traditional cakes, frying pans and towels was distributed. At Christmas, however, along with traditional sweets, fleece blankets were distributed.

The provision of food in the designated rooms at the Parish Centre has achieved a high level of organization. Every volunteer knows exactly their job and everything runs efficiently. To organize items better, the room was equipped with metal shelves where the containers can be piled up. After a first wall, it was decided to set up a second one. Furthermore, to make the room more pleasant, the walls were decorated with pictures about the activities, the beneficiaries, etc.

Throughout the year, direct support continued through the payment of bills for gas, electricity, water, rent, paying overdue bills for poorer households. With the help of the Foundation, the most critical cases were addressed, but it was not possible to meet everyone's needs. Funds were granted for the release from seizure of a school bus, needed for work of one of the assisted people. As in the past, contributions have been given for the maintenance of some rooms (toilets) in precarious conditions.
This year too ten school grants were awarded, five at Easter (delivered by Pro-Patron Archbishop Sardis) and five at Christmas, two of which are funded by the Billeci family in memory of their mother.

The most significant event of 2010 was the visit of the Prince and Grand Master of the Order of Malta Fra' Matthew Festing, who has honored the Centre Nando Peretti Laurentino 38 with his presence at the Easter distribution on March 24. It was the first time ever that a Grand Master visited one of the service centers of the Delegation of Rome.
Fra' Matthew Festing has arrived accompanied by the highest dignitaries of the Order, including the Grand Commander Fra' Gherardo Hercolani Fava Simonetti, the Receiver of the Common Treasure Marchese Gian Luca Chiavari and the Grand Prior of Rome, Fra' Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto. The Holy Mass was celebrated by the Pro-patron of the Order, His Most Reverend Excellency Archbishop Paolo Sardi, Vice-camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church (now elevated to cardinal and patron of the Order), with HE Mons. Azelio Manzetti De Fort, Chief Chaplain, Rev. Giancarlo Graziano, parish priest of San Mauro Abate, Don Massimiliano Nazio, parish priest of Santa Giovanna Antida Thouret and other prelates. Also present: Duke Leopoldo Torlonia, Rome Delegate, and the Ambassador of the Order to the Holy See, Alberto Leoncini Bartoli, Dr. Stefano Palumbo and Maria Pia Fanfani with Cristina Valesani. Finally, knights and dames, with the large group of volunteers.
After Mass the Grand Master, together with dignitaries, proceeded in person to the delivery of 200 Easter packages. An "assembly line" was set up in three rooms fitted for the occasion: in the first room volunteers were delivering food packages, in the second one the Grand Master and dignitaries gave the Easter packages, in the third one volunteers handed out 700 new clothing items donated by the Delegation, along with many toys. The Pro-patron delivered 5 scholarships to commendable children.
At the end of the distribution, in the room prepared for this purpose, refreshments were offered for the Grand Master, dignitaries, priests and volunteers, with coffee, soft drinks and sweets prepared by the volunteers. The Grand Master stayed a long time with the volunteers, who were efficient and synchronized.

The year 2010 saw an increase in the number of volunteers. Among the new volunteers there are also two lawyers, who have created a legal advice section that allows assisted to have a first orientation on the legal difficulties, including people whose son is in jail or who have to file a request for deferral of overdue bills. The two lawyers are very helpful and pay close attention to the many everyday problems. In fact, often the assisted do not have anyone to talk to about their anxieties and fears that plague their lives.

Along with much joy, in 2010 there have also been several deaths. In particular, after a long and painful illness and a life of hardship and insecurity Mrs. Stramaccioni, very dear to the volunteers, passed away. Funds were allocated to the family for funeral expenses, and a representative of the Centre was present attended the funeral service. The woman, relatively young, has left four children, one of whom is now assisted in her mother's place and takes care of her younger brother, just 10 years old.

Among the activities for young people, a trip to Fatima was organized, during the visit of the Holy Father, for children aged 14 to 20. To self-finance their trip, many of them have washed cars in the courtyard of the parish, painted several rooms of the church and painted the houses of the needy. The remaining expenses were covered by the Nando Peretti Foundation, according to the needs of every child. For many kids who had never been abroad, it has been an extremely interesting experience.
A contribution to the children's course for preparation to the First Holy Communion, for a three-day retreat in Assisi, was also given.

Among the activities not directly managed by the Centre, work for children and youth of the parish has continued very well. Father Javier, the former representative, was appointed parish priest in another neighborhood, and two new priests, Don Reuben and Don Mark, now take care of young people. Several initiatives were started and the Nando Peretti Laurentino 38 Center has helped families who were not financially able to involve their children in group activities.

The regular summer camp started regularly, thanks to the support of the Nando Peretti Foundation, and under the direction of Father Javier, who came every day from Fiumicino. Summer camp was attended by 80 kids, mostly sponsored by the Foundation, many of whom are children or grandchildren of the assisted. The entertainment organizers were the former members of the center.
Several excursions have been organized to places of leisure and culture:
1) Piana delle Orme (LT)
2) Riserva di Porto
3) Visit to the laboratory on the Tiber Marevivo (Port of Ripetta), where the kids were fascinated by life in the River.
4) The Water Park.
5) The Bioparco of Rome.
The activities ended with a performance by the kids.

In 2010 at the Fonte Meravigliosa branch, several activities took place, thanks to the dynamic Don Massimiliano Nuzio and volunteers who have worked with great dedication. The desire to help others in distress has led this group of volunteers to work with the Centro Assistenza alla Vita (C.A.V.) of the Parrocchia di S. Giovanna Antida, a center that supports mothers who chose to continue their pregnancy despite the economic hardships. Thanks to Nando Peretti Foundation, about 45 of these women were provided with food packages, which was subsequently increased through an agreement with the Associazione Sempre Insieme per la Pace.
The food parcels were distributed by volunteers once a month.
The assisted were women and families mostly from South America (50%), followed by Romania (30%) and Italian for the rest, some are single mothers, others have partners but the common denominator is always one source of income from precarious employment. 30% of the assisted sleep in community housing, 20% in apartments, guests of fellow countrymen, where other families already stay, others move frequently in search of a place to stay. Some moms also need medical and legal assistance. The help of the parish has become essential. These women today no longer feel abandoned and have a point of reference, a place to talk about their difficulties.
The organization tries to provide the mothers with everything they need (first baby clothes, baby strollers, diapers, etc.) in case of imminent delivery or for children already born, in addition to the food distribution service.

The Fonte Meravigliosa branch has inaugurated a computer room, which was blessed during the pastoral visit of Bishop HE Paolo Schiavon, in November 2010, in the presence of a representative of the Delegation of Rome. All computers with stickers of the Order of Malta and the Nando Peretti Foundation, have screens with the Home Page of the Order, of the Foundation, or of the City of Rome which is the other sponsor who provided the connection. Two days a week, volunteers have helped assisted in the compilation of documents, the other days literacy classes were held for seniors (six groups of elderly people have completed the course "Principles of Computer and Word Processing") and for young people who have attended courses in their spare time.

A lunch for people living in the Caritas hostel at Termini Station was organized, cared for by the Sisters of S. Giovanna Antida. 50 people attended and the day ended in great joy, with dancing and singing.
A very important moment for all the volunteers was the Christmas lunch served by the President of the Nando Peretti Foundation, Elsa Peretti, at her home, which was a wonderful recognition for their work and a precious moment to socialize.

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