Support to the "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" Solidarity Network

Project location: Worldwide
Project start date: n/a - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 0000-04

The "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" Association is an international non profit private organisation that carries out charitable initiatives in Italy and abroad with the aim of answering to particularly hard humanitarian emergencies and of offering its support to those who live in poverty and marginalisation.
Thanks to the many high-level relationships of founder Mrs. Mariapia Fanfani, who has been active in the humanitarian field for almost 60 years at both national and international levels, the organisation has always taken advantage of an important Solidarity Network all over the world. Furthermore Mariapia Fanfani's thirty year long collaboration with the Italian Armed Forces engaged in very relevant peace operations in countries still menaced by war, has allowed "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" Association to create channels through which foodstuff and commodities can reach areas where, for security reasons, the attendance of humanitarian organisation is not advisable.
Since 1985, "Sempre insieme per la Pace" Association has distributed humanitarian aid for a commercial value of over Lire 150 billion (Euro 77 million) in 71 among the poorest Countries in the world. Especially noteworthy were the First Help Operations that were organised in a timely manner to meet the emergencies that involved countries like Rwanda (1994); former Yugoslavia (Balkan region: 15 missions accomplished since 1992; Kosovo: 4 missions accomplished from 1999 to 2000) and in many other countries - especially in Africa - where it carried out rescue operations to help the victims of the flood in Mozambique and the victims of the war in Eritrea.
The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has established a long and fruitful cooperation with the "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" Association, supporting many of its humanitarian programs.

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