Humanitarian Mission for the Children of Sri Lanka

Project location: Sri Lanka
Project start date: March 2005 - Project end date: May 2005
Project number: 2005-09

Since 1985 "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" has been constantly committed to the realization of first help humanitarian missions in Countries struck by natural disasters, by warfare, poverty and distress.
In 2005 the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to the "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" Association to support a humanitarian operation in favor of the populations tragically struck by the catastrophic consequences of the recent Tsunami that had devastated Southeast Asia.

In particular, the project's objective was to encourage the return to normal scholastic activities of 10.000 children in the Sri Lanka - some of whom coming from Indonesia and sheltered in Colombo - assisted by "Jesuit Refugee Service", founded 25 years earlier to give help and assistance to the refugees and to the evacuated.

The Jesuits having been already supplied with the necessary clothing and food, asked for didactic material to be donated and distributed among the 10.000 students of different age in their schools and missions. "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" decided to send its humanitarian aid to the Jesuits Organisation in consideration of their great experience and deep knowledge of the problems in the region.

The whole humanitarian operation was successfully completed within two months. Sempre Insieme per la Pace arranged for the material to be purchased from its usual sponsors at prices reasonably lower than the market prices. Eventually, the humanitarian aid reached Sri Lanka with a C-130 provided by the Italian Protezione Civile.

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