Humanitarian Aid for Earthquake Victims in El Salvador

Project location: EL SALVADOR
Project start date: January 2001 - Project end date: March 2001
Project number: 2001-12

In January 2001 the American State of El Salvador was devastated by an extremely violent earthquake claiming a death toll of several millions of people, and compelling the population to face this severe emergency in absolutely disadvantaged conditions.
In view of such a critical situation, the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to the "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" Association in order to organize the first help operations of the Association "pro El Salvador" with the aim of offering the victims of the earthquake an initial help, targeting in particular the weakest groups: children and the elderly.

The operation promoted in favor of El Salvador started in January 2001, only a few days after the tremendous earthquake that devastated this Country. The quake caused very severe damage also to the distribution of water and electricity, with the hardships continuing for a long time because of the strong after-quakes. The whole staff of the "Sempre Insieme per la Pace"Association immediately started their quest for collecting aid supplies, which left Italy in February. The entire operation continued throughout March.

While awaiting for the aid supplies to reach El Salvador, the Association promoted small initiatives on site, such as the reconstruction of the Santa Tecla (San Salvador) orphanage, which now hosts a large number of children coming from all over the ravaged Country and who have found shelter in this facility.
In terms of territorial distribution, most of the aid supplies were addressed to the orphanage of "Hogar del Niño la Divina Providencia" in San Salvador; the remaining part was donated to the population struck by the earthquake through the local organisation Segreteria Nacional de la Famiglia, which - under the supervision of the First Lady, Lourdes de Flores - took care of the distribution of the aid locally, with the help of the volunteers of the Association.


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