COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to Third Sector Organizations in Agrigento and Trapani, Sicily

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Project location: ITALY, Sicily
Project start date: June 2020 - Project end date: November 2021
Project number: 2020-004
Beneficiary: Fondazione Comunitaria Di Agrigento E Trapani

Located in one of the most stunning but most deprived areas of Europe, the territory of Agrigento and Trapani, Fondazione Comunitaria di Agrigento e Trapani has been established as an answer to the problematic situation of young people in the territory. To start tackling the startling NEETs situation and the lack of social capital in the area, a group, made up of 20 young people, was set to identify the long-term priorities and lines of actions for the territory. Today, Fondazione Comunitaria di Agrigento e Trapani is building its identity as a strategic partner and as a resource catalyst for the local organizations that have innovative and vital projects but are not equipped to attract and secure the necessary financial and human resources. Its lines of action are mainly three: promotion of community welfare in education and people care, support of socially responsible businesses led by young people, and enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage of the areas in which it operates.

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant to the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani in order to provide urgent support to local third sector organizations active in the areas of social agriculture, catering, beekeeping, training, education of minors, food pantries, assistance to the disabled, through the following activities:

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant for urgent support to third sector organizations that refer to different economic and social sectors (social agriculture, catering, beekeeping, training, education of minors, food pantries, assistance to the disabled), through the following activities:


a) creation of GAF (Family Purchasing Groups)

Through an online website, groups of families will shop together by accessing a basket of products from the short food supply chains or from the large-scale retail trade (the choice of suppliers is made according to certain ethical criteria, which do not exclude this channel) and will donate, through their purchases, a percentage to a Solidarity Fund for poor and people in need.


b) Ethical and supportive e-commerce (internet commerce)

An ethical solidarity e-commerce will be created on the same platform as the GAF, which will promote the purchase of products / services from third sector organizations or from youth and ethical businesses in the area. A section will also be dedicated to proximity services for fragile people created by associations and organizations at local level: for example users will be able to "buy" a lunch from a food pantry for the homeless


These activities, in addition to helping the local community, will be able to employ young people and the workers of social cooperatives who have had to stop their activities because of the quarantine.

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