COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to 80 families living in situations of serious social and economic hardship; support to two social cooperatives in Naples, Campania

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Project location: Italy, Naples
Project start date: March 2020 - Project end date: June 2020
Project number: 2020-006
Beneficiary: Fondazione Di Comunità San Gennaro Onlus

Established in 2014, the San Gennaro Community Foundation operates in the Sanità neighbourhood of Naples, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Europe. The Foundation brought together all the organisations that had been working in the local area for years, and was created to give stability to what had already been achieved and also to promote new projects.  The Community Foundation of San Gennaro seeks to revive the Sanità neighbourhood from a cultural, urban and artistic point of view. In the belief that that beauty can save the world, the San Gennaro Community Foundation supports bottom up initiatives that promote the cultural heritage of the district of Sanità and the city of Naples, as well as their social innovation and transformation.

In response to the covid 19 emergency, with the aim of mitigatinf the health, economic and social effects of the pandemic on the fragile context of South Italy, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant to the Community Foundation of San Gennaro Onlus in Naples  for the following goals:

- financial support to 80 families living in situations of serious social and economic hardship, through a contribution of 500 euros per month per family,  for the months of April, May and June;

- support for the two social cooperatives founded by the Fondazione San Gennaro which employ young people and people with disabilities and who have had to resort to the redundancy fund for workers: 5,000 euros each for the months of March and April.

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