COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Hay, Food Supply and Veterinary Care for Horses at Risk of Starvation

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Project location: Italy
Project start date: May 2020 - Project end date: September 2020
Project number: 2020-019
Beneficiary: Ihp Italian Horse Protection Onlus

The Italian Horse Protection Association (IHP) is an independent animal rights association committed to the promotion of equine welfare throughout Italy since 2009. It seeks to prevent exploitation and to respond to reported instances of neglect and abuse by taking care of the psychological and physical recovery of equines, subjected to sequestration. Beyond that it strives to raise awareness of the ethological characteristics and the specific needs of the equine species, as well as to promote recognition of horses rights. IHP does not receive any public funds, nor refunds from the Prosecution Offices which entrust the association with those animals that are victims of mistreatment. IHP runs the first and only officially recognized Rescue Center in Italy for mistreated an confiscated equines, based on Law 189 of 2004 (Mistreatment of animals).

The current Covid 19 sanitary crisis is having dramatic effects on those horse owners who are facing financial difficulties. IHP is receiving increasing requests for help and is trying to better equip itself to be able to intervene in emergencies, to rescue and save needy horses from starvation. Since the beginning of March, the constant effort of the association's volunteers has been aimed at providing clarifications and advice to horse owners on how to take care of their animals in compliance with the Italian government restrictions on people movement during the Covid-19 sanitary emergency.

IHP is carefully monitoring all requests for help that it receives and plans to intervene with the purchase of food and drugs or, for the most risky situations, by hosting the animals in its Rescue Center.
In response to the Covid 19 emergency, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded an emergency relief grant to IHP to contribute to the expenses associated with the purchase of hay and horse food, medicines, veterinary care, and transport of horses (if necessary).

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