COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to a Project for Teachers: "Innovative Neurorganizing Methodology to Train Organizational Skills in Response to Changes in Educational Institutions"

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Project location: Italy
Project start date: September 2020 - Project end date: September 2021
Project number: 2020-037
Beneficiary: Organizzare Italia Aps

Organizzare Italia (OI) deals with personal organization, helping people to enjoy their life to the fullest through organizational tools, actions and methods.
The aim of the activities promoted for schools is to teach personal organization, transmit and improve the organizational skills of all those that involved with school education and to orient towards a new way of carrying out school activities.

Recently education is undergoing major changes. School curricula are evolving rapidly, bureaucracy presses teachers on several areas and the amount of work increases at different levels. Covid 19 health emergency has changed unexpectedly all educational institutions' paradigms.

All this can increase a consition of stress that does not help in being efficient and serene.
OI's training proposal is based on its Neurorganizing methodology and aims to develop organizational skills to face this new delicate phase in the school world.

OI believes that organization is a valuable skill to avoid stress and live better every moment of life.  Learning organizational tools and strategies can be of help to teachers, their students, and to all those who are involved in the school world. An organized lifestyle
helps teachers to pursue their educational task, to carry out curricula more effectively and to respond more easily to the organizational needs of pupils, managers and colleagues.

The personal relationship dynamics so far known and experienced have been completely distorted by Remote Teaching. Teachers have to deal differently with students who are in their own family context, with their parents. It is a completely new situation where contacts occur mainly via telephone, email or live streaming. Work entered into homes overwhelmingly, thus also impacting the private sphere.

This project, which received a grant from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, aims at providing new organizational strategies in a completely new personal relationship context. It focuses on learning to be organized for one's own well-being and to improve the entire chain of relationships involved in educational institutions which that are being established in the new way.

The expected outcome is an increase in general well-being of the whole educational institution.
Teachers generally have a significant degree of operational autonomy. Their personal relationships (family members, school managers, colleagues, students) can be improved through organization strategies and skills, impacting positively both on the teachers' work flow and on the daily life of the people around them.

Organizzare Italia Aps
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