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Nando Peretti

1896 – 1977

Ferdinando Peretti was born in Fidenza, province of Parma, in 1896. He made his debut in the oil industry at a very young age, first working in drilling, then in transportation, refining and distribution. In 1917 he started his own business and founded Società Anonima Peretti (S.A.P.) which in 1937 merged Anonima Petroli Italiana (A.P.I.) a company founded in Ancona in 1933 for the import of crude oil and the distribution of refined products.

In 1939, Nando Peretti built a coastal depot in Falconara Marittima, which was strategically located in the centre of the Adriatic coast. In the years following World War II, in the heat of reconstruction, he worked to turn the refinery into one of the most modern and best-equipped industrial complexes in the industry. He also oversaw its commercial organisation at the national level and commanded its export to various foreign markets.

During his many years as an entrepreneur, Nando Peretti was at the helm of several companies operating in maritime and land transportation, trading and real estate sectors. He was one of the founders of the Unione Petrolifera Italiana, an association of the most important companies operating in the refining and distribution of fuels, lubricants and other petroleum products in Italy. Peretti also built up a network of service stations which comprised 1,500 units at its peak. He promoted research activities and other initiatives to secure the independence of Italy’s sources of energy from foreign supplies.

Nando Peretti was appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro by former President of the Italian Republic Giovanni Gronchi in 1956. He passed away in Monte Carlo in 1977.

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“More and more I realize that everything I did, I did for him.”

Elsa Peretti Wall Street Journal, August, 2020