Elsa Peretti was a multifaceted artist and designer, a free-spirited woman for whom creation defined her life’s work. The vision, technique and process essential to understanding an artist’s life and legacy merged in Elsa Peretti’s avant-garde creativity and continues to influence new generations of artists and designers today. Decades after the debut of her first jewellery collection, her name remains synonymous with daring and versatility not only in jewellery, but in objects and interiors as well. For this reason, she is regarded as a true pioneer in the history of design and her work remains a lighthouse for a new generation of artists and designers today.

Elsa Peretti elevated jewellery design to an art form by developing a unique design language and transforming different materials into expressions of art; she elevated jewellery design to a form of art. Her approach to design is reflective of her general philosophy towards life. Elsa Peretti lived generously and empathetically, and this reveals itself in her art and in her commitment to a broad spectrum of humanitarian, cultural, scientific, educational, environmental, and human rights initiatives.

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation is dedicated to deepening the understanding of its founder’s legacy by preserving and sharing her life’s work. In addition to maintaining Peretti’s private collection and an archive for historical research, the Foundation supports global exhibitions, publications, and projects that celebrate her enduring commitment to design, art, and cultural philanthropy. In addition to this, it also supports many other philanthropic projects around the world.