Delegació a Catalunya

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, Delegació a Catalunya was founded in 2014 by The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation (NaEPF), with the aim of strengthening philanthropic action in the Catalan territory.

The Delegació has the same broad statutory mission as the NaEPF and provides grant support for initiatives in arts and culture, education, and social change. It commits its resources to projects that benefit local communities and also address issues of global relevance. In line with the philanthropic mission of the NaEPF, the Delegació a Catalunya supports impactful not-for-profit projects aimed at poverty reduction and social integration, arts and culture preservation, education, and the empowerment of women and disadvantaged social groups. The vast majority of its grants are awarded to organisations and projects based in Catalonia. NaEPF established the Delegation in Catalonia because of Elsa Peretti’s long affection for the region she eventually called home.

Her links with Catalonia date back to the early 1960s, when she met and developed friendships with artists in the region. Over time, she provided a great deal of support to visual arts and fostered the consolidation, protection, and dissemination of the historical, artistic, cultural, architectural, and craft heritage of Catalonia. In 2013, Elsa Peretti was the first non-Catalan to be awarded the National Culture Award by the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CoNCA). Following in Elsa Peretti’s footsteps, the Delegació a Catalunya will continue its commitment to promote the arts, to preserve the environment, and to protect human physical and mental well-being. In doing so it will further strengthen its relationship with, and positive impact on, the Catalan territory.