Promotion Of Arts & Culture

Elsa Peretti’s legacy is a testament to her boundless creativity, insatiable curiosity, and profound belief in the transformative power of art. In keeping with the vision of our founder, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation is steadfast in its commitment to nurturing emerging talent, fostering cultural exchange, and advancing initiatives that champion diversity and inclusivity within the arts.

We recognise that investing in artistic endeavours transcends mere aesthetics; it serves as a catalyst for social cohesion, education, and personal enrichment within communities. Our dedication to the arts spans a wide spectrum of disciplines and mediums, ranging from music and visual arts to theatre, photography, handicrafts, architecture, and beyond. Moreover, we prioritise preservation efforts to safeguard cultural heritage sites, artefacts, and traditions for future generations to cherish.

Over the years, the Foundation has provided funding for numerous arts and culture projects; these initiatives aim to empower emerging artists, designers, and musicians worldwide through scholarships, exhibition support, and contributions to the restoration of invaluable artworks and historic landmarks.