COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Distribution of 2000 Hot Meals to Needy and Homeless People in Rome (Italy)

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Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: April 2020 - Project end date: May 2020
Project number: 2020-008
Beneficiary: Ordine Di Malta -. Italia - Delegazione Di Roma

In the main Italian cities, over fifty thousand homeless have been registered in 2019.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, a social and health emergency has arisen, while many structures dedicated to them closed or are operating in reduced ranks due to the absence of volunteers. This umpteenth criticality falls on Municipalities and Regions, but the secular or religious associations supporting people in need - Italian or migrant who they are - have not stopped and have found ways to guarantee assistance by respecting the anti-contagion measures.

The Order of Malta Delegazione di Roma set up a task force with Circolo San Pietro with the aim of supporting homeless people and people in need in Rome during the pandemic crisis. The Circolo San Pietro in Rome was founded in 1869. The club started a charity activity in the Rome's diocese, and for more than 140 years, the Club has acted in many fields of both material and spiritual poverty and destitution, following the changing needs of the population in history. Among the existing ones the Economic kitchens, the Nocturnal Shelters and the Residential Homes, are more than a century old.

Through the running of two food kitchens located in Via della Lungaretta and Via Adige in Rome, hot meals are distributed to poor people every day outside the two food kitchens, following the anti contagious security rules. Everyday 15 volunteers help with the meals distribution in front of each food kitchen. The volunteers are provided with masks and gloves.

Each meal consists in:

  •  a plate of pasta or rice
  •  a plate of meat or fish
  •  a plate of cooked vegetables
  •  a pack of bread
  •  a package of Parmesan
  •  a piece of fruit
  •  a dessert

In response to the covid 19 emergency and to alleviate the state of suffering of needy and homeless people in the city of Rome, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has award a grant to the Ordine di Malta Delegazione di Roma covering the costs of 2.000 hot meals.

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