COIVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting an Emergency Plan in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Project location: ETHIOPIA, Addis Ababa
Project start date: July 2020 - Project end date: January 2021
Project number: 2020-030
Beneficiary: Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura (FPSC)

Social Promotion Foundation is a private, non-profitable institution that has been working since 1987 to promote human, social and economic development in accordance with people’s dignity. It establishes its goals in accordance with the diversity of the different countries it works and acknowledging the priorities and proposals of local organizations, always placing the individual at the core of its activities.

The overall objective of this project, which received a grant from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, is to contain and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 in Akaki-Kaliti District, Addis Ababa by strengthening Saint Gabriel Catholic Health Center’s capabilities.
 The specific objectives are:

  1. To provide training St Gabriel C. Health Center on prevention, diagnosing and managing of identified cases of Covid-19;
  2. To provide equipment to the staff and to the vulnerable patients;
  3. To implement raise awareness initiatives about Covid-19 to all patients visiting the Health Center and to the population of the nearest area (more than 23,000 people);

To reach the above mentioned objectives, the following activities will be implemented:

1.1 Technical training sessions on the use of new equipment and Covid19 detection, management and prevention will be implemented and addressed to the clinical staff and to the health care workers (70 persons). 
The training will be provided by external health personnel from the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia who have already received theoretical and practical training on the different guidelines established by WHO for pandemic management, infection prevention and control. The training will be implemented with a participatory approach and will include theoretical and practical guidelines. The training process will lead to the drafting of a protocol at SGCH to ensure consistency and efficiency over time.

1.2 Monitoring activity on proper and consistent use of PPE by the staff will be regularly implemented.

2. Purchase and distribution of supplies to contain the spread of Covid-19 pandemic to the health staff and to selected beneficiaries (VIH, Diabetic and hypertensive patients, labouring mothers): 
surgical masks, N95 masks, protective gowns, Infr. thermometers, surgical gloves, clean gloves, liquid and solid soaps, 96% Alcohol, capes.

3.1  Carry on of at least 3 Raising Awareness Campaigns on Covid-19 during the project duration. The Healthcare workers will carry out visits to markets near thr Health Center and also door-to-door, explaining, informing and delivering information material in the local language. The aim is to reach the most marginalised and therefore at risk population group. 

3.2 Carry on of health education sessions to all adult Health Center visitors (approximately 23,000) by health care workers  who will conduct regular, daily session to teach preventive measures to avoid transmission and to detect symptoms.

The direct beneficiaries will be: 

 - Staff: 70 doctors, nurses,  lab technicians, pharmacists, cleaner’s guards that are providing services to the patients at SGCHC; 
 - 2,000 highly vulnerable patients with chronic illness (VIH, Tuberculosis,  Diabetic and hypertensive patients)
 - 600 laboring mothers. 
 - A total of around 23,000 people belonging to the Health Center area will benefit of the awareness and education initiatives.  

A project committee will be established and it will be in charge of coordination and monitoring. It will be composed of FPS Head of Mission in Ethiopia and representatives of the Health Center Board. The Committee will also regularly meet the Department of Public Health to coordinate the actions on the ground and to exchange best-practices and experience in the fight against the Virus.

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