The following list includes all of the projects which have received financial support from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation. They are divided firstly by category, then by continent.

Asia  TIBET - Support to the People and Culture of Tibet
Africa  BURKINA FASO, Koudougou - Humanitarian help for food
 BURKINA FASO, Ouagadougou - Supporting a Project for the Promotion of Women’s Health in Burkina Faso
 BURKINA FASO, Ouagadougou - Supporting the organization of the International Conference against Female Genital Mutilation
 CAMEROON, Douala - Entrepreneurial Training of African Young People who Live in Italy and in Central-West Africa in Order to Set Up an Italian-African Enterprise Incubator in Douala, Cameroon
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, Lodja - Construction of a Primary School
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, Lubumbashi - Creation of a Student Hall of Residence in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic Of Congo
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, Goma - Emergency Actions to Support Internally Displaced People in Goma – Democratic Republic Of Congo
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, Oicha - Energy Supply for Basic Services in the Town of Oicha  
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, Kemi Valley, Kinshasa - Food Program for Children
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, East Kasai - Strengthening the Educational Level of the Population of Kondo-Tshumbe
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, Lubero, Beni, Irumu - Supporting a Project to Rescue Child Soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, Mambasa - Water for Health in the Territory of Mambasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
 CôTE D'IVOIRE - Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery
 CôTE D'IVOIRE - Côte d’Ivoire Emergency: request of Support for the Victims of the Humanitarian Crisis
 EGYPT, El-Minia - A Family House for Elderly People in El-Minia, Egypt
 EGYPT, Cairo - Summer School Project 2012 for Sudanese Refugees, Asylum-seeking and Displaced Students in Cairo, Egypt
 EGYPT, El-Minia - Support to Humanitarian Activities of "Bambino Gesù Egitto"
 EGYPT, El Minia - Supporting an Emergency Project to Help the Street Children of the Community of El Minia, Egypt
 ERITREA, Massawa - A Duplicating Machine For the St. Francis Secondary School in Eritrea
 ERITREA, Horn of Africa - Training, Diagnosis and Treatment of Paediatric Heart Diseases
 ETHIOPIA, Addis Ababa - Lunch Program for 260 School Children
 ETHIOPIA, Gambo - Sanitary Renovation of the Hospital of Gambo, Ethiopia
 ETHIOPIA, Shire - Supporting A Program of Prevention and Primary Health Care Promotion in Shire - Ethiopia
 ETHIOPIA, Addis Ababa - Three Years Project of Assistance to the Children of an Orphanage
 GABON, Libreville - Smiles in Gabon - Humanitarian Mission Providing Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery in Libreville
 GHANA, Accra - Operation Smile’s Second Medical Mission in Ghana
 KENYA, Laikipia - An Environmental Education Bus
 KENYA, Kandisi - Basic Nutrition for 60 Children in Kandisi, Kenya
 KENYA, Sololo - Construction of 10 Rainwater Tanks for the Borana Community
 KENYA - Emergency Support To 200 Women And Children, Refugees Of The Jemps Tribe
 KENYA - Emergency Support to Refugees of the Jemps Tribe
 KENYA, Somali Refugee Camps of Dadaab - Production and distribution of 30.000 Improved Energy Saving Stoves for the Somali Refugees’ Camps
 KENYA, Kwale - Water and Tanks for the Children of Fahamuni School, Kwale County - Kenya
 LIBERIA, Ganta - Supporting a Leprosy and Rehabilitation Centre
 MADAGASCAR, Anosy Region - Project Lanirano - Capacity Building through Enterprise and Agriculture in Anosy Region, South East Madagascar
 MADAGASCAR, Ambinanikely - Supporting the Project Soaiegna – A Community Led Approach to Address the Urgent Sanitation Situation in Ambinanikely, South East Madagascar
 MALAWI - Continuous Professional Development Course for Physiotherapists in Malawi - Common Funcional Shoulder Lesions: an Integrated Approach for Assessment and Treatment
 MALI - Crisis in Mali: Providing Protection and Assistance to more than 405,000 Uprooted Malians
 MOROCCO, Casablanca - Six Missions by Italian Paediatric Cardiologists
 MOZAMBIQUE - Education and Training for Orphan or Needy Girls in Mozambique
 MOZAMBIQUE, Chibabava - Strengthening the Mangunde Hospital for Health Improvement of Women and Children
 MOZAMBIQUE, Beira - Supporting Women and Children Access to HIV Services to Prevent Vertical Transmission of the Virus and to Improve Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in Mozambique
 NIGERIA, Ezillo, Ebonyi State - Purchasing of equipment for the “Maria Ines” Hospital in Ezillo, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
 RWANDA, Kibaya - Creation of a School Farm in Kibaya, Rwanda
 RWANDA, Kigali - Donation of Medicines to the Archdiocese of Kigali, Rwanda
 RWANDA, Kigali - Improving  Medical Assistance Services in Two Health Centers in Kigali, Rwanda
 RWANDA, Ruhengeri - Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Energy in 3 Secondary Schools of Ruhengeri Catholic Diocese, Rwanda  
 RWANDA, District of Kicukiro, Sectors of Busanza and Gatenga - The House of Peace and Reconciliation in Kigali: Support to Women’s Enterpreneurship
 SENEGAL, Velingara - Mobilizing Communities To Support Girls’ Healthy Development And Education In Senegal
 SIERRA LEONE, Serabu - Purchase of Equipment, Expansion of Services and Support for Shipping Expenses for a Mission Eye Clinic in Remote Sierra Leone, West Africa
 SIERRA LEONE, Makeni - Settin Up the Biological Ebola Bank Facility, Including Training of African Technicians at the Ebola Diagnostic & Research Laboratory of the Holy Spirit Hospital, Diocese of Makeni, Sierra Leone
 SIERRA LEONE - Supporting a Project for the Provision of Free-Of-Charge Surgery for Adult Patients in Sierra Leone
 SOUTH AFRICA, Oudtshoorn - Supporting the Equipment of the Children Nutritional Center “Casa Betania”
 SUDAN - Boma Bush: the forgotten hospital
 SUDAN, South Sudan - Provision of Transitional Shelter to the most Vulnerable Households Returning from Sudan to South Sudan
 SUDAN, South Sudan - Reconstruction Aid to National Health System in South Sudan through Development and Training of Local Human Resources
 SUDAN, Darfur - Support to "A55" Italian Hospital
 TANZANIA, Kigoma - Better Living Conditions for 50 Orphans in Tanzania
 TANZANIA, Kigoma - Better Living Conditions for 50 Orphans in Tanzania, Second Year
 TANZANIA - Completion of Male Dormitory and Renovation of Toilets and Showers at Hisani Orphanage, Tanzania
 TANZANIA, Kigoma - Family Houses: Sanganigwa Children’s Home, Kigoma, Tanzania
 TANZANIA, Itigi - Implementation of Ospedale Bambino Gesù High Profile Pediatric Department in a Rural Area of Tanzania
 TANZANIA, Kibondo - Protecting Vulnerable Children from the Scourge of Malaria
 TANZANIA - Support to the Hisani Orphanage in Tanzania
 TANZANIA - Supporting a Program to Eliminate Discrimination against People with Albinism in Tanzania
 UGANDA, Kibale - Kibale Libraries
 UGANDA - Protecting the Human Rights of HIV Infected Children, Adolescent Girls and Young Mothers, Aids Orphans and other Critically Vulnerable Youth and Women in Uganda
 UGANDA, Karamoja region - Supporting the Kanawat Clinic in North Uganda
 VARIOUS COUNTRIES - Actions in Support of the UN Resolution for a Moratorium on Executions With a View to Abolition of Death Penalty in Africa
 ZAMBIA, Kafue District - Supporting a Health Assistance Program in Kafue District Hospital, Zambia
Asia  AFGHANISTAN, Kabul; Lashkar-gah; Anabah - Strengthening of EMERGENCY Surgical Activity in Afghanistan
 AFGHANISTAN, Kabul - Afghanistan, Kabul: Women Education, Professional Training and Job Placement
 AFGHANISTAN, Daikundi Province - Implementation of Community Based Integrated Package in Daikundi Province (Afghanistan) for the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality
 BANGLADESH, Various locations - Sustaining and Defending Underprivileged Women’s Rights in Bangladesh through Health Assistance Programs
 BANGLADESH - Building and Repairing 12 Floating Schools in Northwest Bangladesh
 BANGLADESH, Dhaka - Integrated Development Program for the Telegu Community in the Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh  
 CAMBODIA, Takeo - A Photographic Exhibition as Charity Program for Children in the Hospital Bambino Gesù, Takeo, Cambodia
 CAMBODIA, Phnom Penh - Street to School - Supporting the Children of Andong Slum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
 CAMBODIA, Takeo - Supporting Construction and Renovation Works for the Paediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù
 INDIA, Mundgod - Adoption of Tibetan Monks in the Gaden Jangtse Monastery
 INDIA, Lumla Circle - An ambulance for an isolated community
 INDIA, Tamil Nadu - Empowerement of the the Adhivasi Federation
 INDIA, Ulhato - Extension of Minor-Basilica in Ulhato, Ranchi, India
 INDIA, Kurnool - Integrated Child Welfare And Health Service For Poor Children
 INDIA, Jaipur - Jaipur Animal Welfare Program - To Provide Medical Care and Improve Living Conditions of all Elephants in Jaipur
 INDIA, Bangalore - Library Furniture and Equipment at the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education in Bangalore - India
 INDIA, Tamilnadu, Pudukottai - Primary School Education for Children Studying in 5 Village Public Schools
 INDIA, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala - Provide Help and Hope to Orphaned and Destitute Children in India
 INDIA, Mundgod - Purchase of a Solar Water Heating System for the Gaden Jangtse Monastery
 INDIA, Tamilnadu - Support to 150 Mentally Retarded Orphan Children and for Infrastructural needs at the Sahaya Matha High School to Promote Basic Education among 950 Children, Tamilnadu, India
 INDIA, Mundgod - Support to the Gaden Jangtse Tibetan Medical Institute
 INDIA, Rajastan - Supporting 380 children at the Rishabdev Boarding in Rajastan, India
 INDIA, Madhya Pradesh - Supporting 7 Villages
 INDIA, Kadambur Hills, Tamil Nadu– - Supporting a Socio-Economic Project for the Empowerment of People with Disabilities in 30 Villages in India
 INDIA, Vallur Mandal, Kadapa District - Sustainable Development through Dairy Products for 50 Women from Rural Villages
 INDIA, Mundgod - Tuberculosis Prevention and Community Health-Dental Care in Gaden Jangtse Medical Buddha Clinic
 INDIA, Bangalore - Urgent Surgical Procedure for The Tibetan Monk Tamding Tsering
 INDONESIA, Madium - Electricity generators for the Hospital of Santa Clara
 IRAQ - Humanitarian Aid for Iraq
 JAPAN, Miyagi - Support for the Victims of the Japan Earthquake with 1,794 Solar Lanterns
 JAPAN, Ichinoseki - Support to the House for Children
 JORDAN - Operation Smile Jordan Mission – Safe Surgeries for 80 Children
 JORDAN, Amman - Paola Biocca Rehabilitation Center
 JORDAN - Providing essential food for PKU sufferers
 JORDAN - Providing transportation for disabled students
 NEPAL - Nepal Earthquake: providing lifesaving assistance
 NEPAL, Kathmandu - Supporting the construction of the Center for Health and Education
 PAKISTAN - Pakistan Emergency: Support for the Victims of the Humanitarian Catastrophe
 PALESTINE, Bethelehem, East Jerusalem and North Hebron - Supporting Children with Special Education Needs in Several Schools in the Palestinian Territories
 SRI LANKA - Humanitarian Mission for the Children of Sri Lanka
 SYRIA, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan And Egypt - Emergency Project - Providing Protection and Assistance to Uprooted Syrians
Europe  ALBANIA - Pilot project “Woman’s Traditional Artisanal Workshop”
 ALBANIA, Butrint National Park - Promoting Sustainable Development
 ALBANIA, Shkoder - Provision of Medical Equipment for the Ambulatory Medical Centre/Service of Ndihmon Ne Shqiperi, Albania
 ALBANIA, South Albania - Support to the population of South Albania facing a flood emergency (February 2015)
 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, Sarajevo - Providing a workplace for injured people
 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, Sarajevo - Supporting the “BH Academic Diaspora Portal” Phase 2 of the project Academic portal of the Bosniac Institute – Adil Zulfikarpašić Foundation
 BULGARIA - Day-care Center for Youth: alternatives to street life
 BULGARIA - Food and School Benches for Orphans
 BULGARIA, Iskrets - Heating Charges for the Specialized Hospital King Ferdinand I, for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Lung Diseases
 BULGARIA, Sofia - Medical Assistance to Refugees from Camps in Sofia
 BULGARIA, Varna - Purchase of a Computer With a Specialized Software for the “August Mozer Centre” for Children Suffering of Nervous System Disturbances in Varna, Bulgaria
 BULGARIA, Cherven briag - Two Minibuses for Needy People in Bulgaria
 GEORGIA - Humanitarian Missions for the needy
 GREECE, Heraklion - Acquisition of Two Breathing Aids Vests for the Paediatric Ward of the University Hospital of Heraklion, Crete, Greece
 GREECE - Emergency Action: Providing Urgent Humanitarian Aid to Syrian Refugees in Greece
 GREECE, Ierapetra - Food Distribution Program for Needy Immigrants in Ierapetra, Crete, Greece
 ITALY, Rome - Renovation of a Center for Assistance to Mothers and Children in Need at the San Camillo Hospital
 ITALY - A Hospital-home Network for the Care of Patients Afflicted with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in the Lazio Region - Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Assistance to Sick People in Economic Difficulties
 ITALY, Lazio, Lombardia, Abruzzo - Better Communication for Better Prevention. Analysis of Hidden Messages. Guidelines to Prevent Abuse and Drug Addiction
 ITALY, Fregene - Casa Maria Luigia Pighini
 ITALY, Parma - Club Itaca in Parma: A Project to Increase the Inclusion of Young People with Mental Health Problems into Society and in the World of Work
 ITALY, Rome - Growing Step by Step: Multisensory Early Intervention for Deaf-blind Children
 ITALY, Rome - Improving the services of the Centro Sociale Vincenziano Homeless Shelter in Rome, Italy
 ITALY, Cervarezza, Reggio Emilia - International Camp for Young People Affected by the Williams Syndrome
 ITALY - No Boundaries for Disabled Teenagers
 ITALY, Faenza - Social inclusion, employment and residentiality for disabled young adults in Faenza (Italy)
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting a Day-care Service for Youth at Risk of School Drop-out and Violent Behavior
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the Pilgrimages to Lourdes Sanctuary of 24 Sick Children Treated at the Bambino Gesù Hospital
 ITALY, Roma - Supporting the Socio-Educational Center of the Salesian Sisters of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice
 ITALY - Terragiusta. Campaign Against the Exploitation of Migrant Workers in Agriculture in Italy
 ITALY, Milano - “Il Costume Prende Vita”: Courses for Costume Designers and Costume Technicians Lead by Professionals of the Teatro Alla Scala Academy, Milan, Italy
 ITALY, Ostuni - “Attraversamenti” – A Festival in Ostuni to Promote Integration Between Italy and the Balkan Peninsula
 ITALY, Rome - “Parco Tutti Insieme” - The First Multi-Active Park In Italy Fully Accessible To The Disabled, Especially Those With Physical Disabilities
 ITALY, Milano - “Quartieri tranquilli” Supporting the Development of a Web Portal for a Community Based Action
 ITALY, Florence and Palermo, Italy - “Together For The Mind” A Project to Increase the Inclusion of Young People with Mental Health Problems into Society and in the Work World
 ITALY, Rome - "A Good Start"  Extraordinary Measures for Reception of Forced Migrants in Rome
 ITALY, Frosinone - A Center For Poor And Needy Women In Frosinone, Italy
 ITALY, Castiglione Olona (Varese) - A DONKEY IN THE WOODS Onotherapy (Donkey-Assisted Therapy) for Autistic Children, Physically and Mentally Disabled People
 ITALY - A Helping Hand for the Homeless
 ITALY - A Nest for each Child
 ITALY, Rome - A Neuro-Robot Navigator for Oncologic and Epileptologic Neurosurgery for the Paediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù
 ITALY - A Second Chance for Convicts
 ITALY - A Toll-Free Help-Line to Alleviate Loneliness
 ITALY, Rome - Adelphi Centre for the Rehabilitation of Post-Comatose Patients with Severe Brain Injuries
 ITALY - Artificial arms for a Moldovan Child
 ITALY, Rome - Assistance to Needy Families in the Garbatella Neighborhood of Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Assisting Children with Terminal Illnesses in the Umberto I Hospital
 ITALY, Rome - Assisting the Needy Families of the Roman Suburb San Basilio
 ITALY, Rome - Being Deaf in a Hearing World: Plans of Prevention for Children and Teenagers
 ITALY, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Campania, Puglia - Breast Cancer Early Detection Program for Underserved Women or Women at Higher Risk for Breast Cancer
 ITALY, Rome - Co-Sponsorship Project For A Warehouse to Help the Needy
 ITALY, Lazio Region - Computer Security Service for People with Alzheimer's or other Cognitive Diseases
 ITALY, Rome - Contemporary Art in Support of Dropout People in the XII Municipality of Rome, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Creating an Outpatients Clinic for Immigrant Children in Rome at the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital
 ITALY, Rome - Creative Art Workshop for People with Psychiatric Disorders
 ITALY - Diurnal Center For Young People Suffering From Drug Addiction
 ITALY - Donation of an organ transportation vehicle for the Italian State Police
 ITALY, Orbetello - Donation of an Ultrasound Scanner and a Defibrillator
 ITALY, Roma - Empowerment and Self-Realization of Roma Children through Art- Education in 2 Camps in Rome, Italy
 ITALY - Experimental Alternate Wheat - Legume Cultures  in the Same Year with Nitrogen Fertilizer Saving Effect
 ITALY, Rome - Family Home for 4 Severely Disabled Children and Open-air Space for 9 Disabled Children in Rome
 ITALY, Lombardia - Far Away Feeling at Home - Building a Solidarity Network within Lombardy to Provide Quality Health Services for Ill People who Need Medical Treatment
 ITALY, Rome - Filling the Gap: Moving Forward from the Vicious Cycle of Social Exclusion and Poverty  for the Inhabitants of Ponte Mammolo Gathering in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Free-of-charge Treatment for 150 Elderly People with Osteoarthropathy or Discopathy, year 2
 ITALY, Rome - Grant for One Year Scholarships for 15 Missionaries
 ITALY, Rome - Helping People with Psychiatric Disorders in Work Sector Insertion
 ITALY, San Marcello Pistoiese - High Education for Students and Social Activities for Sick Children at Dynamo Camp
 ITALY, Magliano in Toscana - Hippotherapy in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
 ITALY, Rome - Home Assistance for Patients Suffering from Medium Psychiatric Disorders
 ITALY, Rome - Improvement of Reception Conditions for Migrants in Transit and Political Refugees at the Occupied  Building in Rome - Selam Palace  
 ITALY, Rome - Improving Socio-economical Conditions of Youth Through Vocational Training Courses and an Orientation Help Desk
 ITALY, Roma - Improving the Showers of the Centro Sociale Vincenziano with a New Boiler
 ITALY, Rome - Internal Restructuring of "Family home 8" of SOS Village in Rome
 ITALY, Various cities - Italian Sign Language Assessment (LISA)
 ITALY, Rome - Laser delivery system for sight threatening retinal diseases in children
 ITALY, Rome - Lighting of the Altarpiece by Guido Reni in the SS. Trinità dei Pellegrini Church
 ITALY, Rome - Lighting System for the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls
 ITALY, Naples - Mille Giorni / A Thousand Days - An Early Intervention Program that Supports Pregnant Women and Young Mothers who Live in Hardship or Poverty and Social Exclusion in the Rione Sanità of Naples, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Multifunctional Open-Air Area for Educational, Cultural, Social and Sport Activities in the San Benedetto Abate Parrish in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Music School for Disadvantaged Children of Tor Pignattara Rome, Italy
 ITALY - Neonatal Nasal Ventilator
 ITALY, Rome - New Patrons Program at Bollate Prison, Milan
 ITALY, Rome - New Spaces for the Homeless in the Sant’Egidio Community Shelter in Rome, Italy
 ITALY - One Hundred Hours For One Hundred Families
 ITALY, Rome - One Year Salary Grant for a Nurse Assisting the Terminally Ill
 ITALY, Rome - Organizing an Artistic Laboratory in the Old Wash-House of the Cavalsassi Kindergarten in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Progetto Itaca – Creation of a Clubhouse in Rome for the Improvement of Social Employment Aid for People with Mental Illness 
 ITALY, Naples - Promoting Active Citizenship to Young People of the Scampia Suburb in Naples, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Psychological, Cultural and Social Support Activities for the Residents of the Santa Margherita Institute for the Elderly in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Psychological, Cultural and Social Support Activities for the Residents of the Santa Margherita Institute for the Elderly in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Psychotherapeutic support for mistreated children
 ITALY, Rome And S. Marinella - Purchase of Medical Equipment for the Paediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù (Rome And S. Marinella Centers), Italy
 ITALY, Bologna - Relief, Independence and Emergency Project Construction of a New Building for Disabled People in Bologna, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Renovation and Waterproofing of the S. Giovanni in Laterano Residential Home’s Roof, Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Renovation of the ACISMOM Day Care Centre for Homeless People in Rome, Italy
 ITALY, Latina - Renovation of the Existing Organic and Supportive Food Processing Laboratory for Workers with Disabilities
 ITALY, Rome - Residential Facilities for Disadvantaged Families of Children with Oncologic Diseases
 ITALY, Rome - Restoration of a Building for the Reception and Housing of  Sick Children in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Restructuring of the Family Home in Via San Giovanni in Laterano 79, Rome
 ITALY, Rome/Focene - Seaside Summer Vacation for 20 Children Hosted in a Family House
 ITALY, Rome - Setting up a Blood Donation Room, Ospedale S.Giacomo
 ITALY, Sicily - Sicily Canal as the Gateway to Europe: First Medical Aid to Refugees in the Mediterranean  
 ITALY, Marche - Special Olympics
 ITALY, Lago Maggiore - Sports Camp for 30 Young People With Spina Bifida at Lago Maggiore, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Support and Charity for the Poor and Underprivileged in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Support for the Circolo di San Pietro Homes
 ITALY, Rome - Support For Tibetan Monks Of Gaden Jangste Monastery Resident In Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Support the Pilgrimages to Lourdes Sanctuary of 10 Sick Children Treated at the Bambin Gesù Hospital,  and/or Assisted by the “Centri di Assistenza” of the Delegation of Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Support to “La Grande Casa di Peter Pan”: a Home for Families of Children with Cancer
 ITALY, Rome - Support to 250 Families of the Centre Nando Peretti Roma Sud (formerly Laurentino 38) Housing Estate of Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Support to the Chorus Sonos Ensemble of the Parish of SS. Trinity of the Pilgrims
 ITALY, Milan - Support to the First Smile House in Milan for the Treatment of Facial Malformations
 ITALY, Rome - Support to the needy community of S.Croce in Gerusalemme
 ITALY, Torrice, Frosinone - Support to the St. Antony Parrish
 ITALY, Rome - Support to the San Giovanni Battista Hospital
 ITALY - Support to Working Immigrants' Families
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting a Night-Time Emergency Centre for Unaccompanied Migrant Minors in Transit in Rome, Italy 
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting a Program for Speech Rehabilitation for young Patients
 ITALY, Reggio Emilia - Supporting a Project for the Empowerment of the Role of the Tutor of Lonely and Incapable Persons in Reggio Emilia, Italy
 ITALY, Mazara Del Vallo, Sicily - Supporting Assistance Facilities And Recreational Activities For The Immigrant Families Of Mazara Del Vallo, Sicily
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the Construction of a Social Sport Center in the Corviale District, Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the Immigration Desk for the Immigrants in Guidonia Montecelio, Rome, Italy
 ITALY, Manciano - Supporting the Renovation of the San Leonardo Di Manciano Parish for its Activities of Socialization and Prevention of Discomfort Amongst the Young and the Elderly
 ITALY, Rome - Taking Sides with Ladies – Supporting a Help-Center for Women with Breast Cancer in Rome
 ITALY, Basilicata - The “Children Project” in the Basilicata Region, Italy
 ITALY - The “Children Project”: Development of the Paediatric Palliative Care Networks in 3 Italian Regions
 ITALY, Rome - The Dog and the Baby: The Magic of a Common World
 ITALY - The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation Special Meritorius Patron of “Sempre Insieme Per La Pace” Solidarity Network
 ITALY - Transparency And Sustainability of Supply Chains – The Worldwide Case of Tomatoes
 ITALY, Rome - Treating Psychiatric and Psycho Affective Disorders in Adolescence
 ITALY, Rome - Weekend residential program for people with disabilities
 ROMANIA, Italy and Romania - Distribution of Toys, Food and Clothing to Three Family Houses in Italy and Romania
 ROMANIA, Ferentari, South of Bucharest - Supporting the Activities of the “Casa Valentina” Rumenian Association for the School Education of Roma Children in Bucharest
 RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Republic of North Ossetiya - Donation of a Minibus for the Children of Yladikavkaz Hospital
 RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Beslan, Ossezia - Humanitarian Mission in Favour of Children from Beslan
 SPAIN, Barcelona - A Well-Equipped Residence for Aging People with Intellectual Disabilities in Barcelona, Spain
 SPAIN - Comprehensive Support To Families Of Kids With Congenital Heart Diseases In Spain
 SPAIN, Formentera - Improve the Living Conditions of the Abandoned Cats of Formentera
 UNITED KINGDOM, West Midlands - A Family Support Project
 UNITED KINGDOM, Glasgow - Support to the St Aloysius' College in Glasgow for the Lourdes Pilgrimage 2018
 UNITED KINGDOM - Support to Workers helping Families of Children with Terminal Illnesses
North America  EL SALVADOR, San Salvador - Helping children with Leukemia in El Salvador
 EL SALVADOR - Humanitarian Aid for Earthquake Victims in El Salvador
 EL SALVADOR, San Salvador - Improve Education and Access to the Labor Market of Low-income  Youth in San Salvador, El Salvador
 GUATEMALA, Chimaltenango - Health and Prevention Services in 30 Local Communities
 HAITI, Waf Jeremy - Help Haiti’s People in the Poorest Slum of Waf Jeremy
 HAITI, Port Au Prince - Supporting Education for Poor Children in the Municipality of The Croix Des Bouquets, Metropolitan Area of Port Au Prince, Haiti
 HONDURAS, Moroceli valley - Purchasing farm machines for ‘Flor Azul Farm’
 MEXICO, Cancun - Increasing Livelihoods Options for Maya Communities and Species Conservation through ‘melipona’ Honey Production
 NICARAGUA - Improvement of Care and Kidney Transplantation to Decrease  Mortality of Children with Chronic Renal Failure in Nicaragua
South America  BOLIVIA, El Alto - Knitting Course and Micro Enterprise Management Training Course for Women
 BOLIVIA, El Alto - Support to the Center Virgen Nina
 BRAZIL, Mato Grosso do Sul -  Support to the Survival International’s Campaign for the Awa Tribe
 BRAZIL, Fortaleza - Helping Children who Live in a Difficult Social Environment
 BRAZIL, Fortaleza - Solar Energy for Children
 BRAZIL, Amazon rainforest - Support to the Association Witness Image for the Implementation of the Project Awà- Guajà: Earth’s most Threatened Tribe
 BRAZIL, Salvador - Supporting a Program on Nutrition and Education for the Street Children in Salvador, Brazil
 ECUADOR, Guayaquil - Construction of a Community for the needy
 PERU, Lima - Production of 2000 Hand-Made Twine Rosaries for the Granting of Scholarships for the Formation of 12 Vocations of The Marian Community of Reconciliation in Lima, Peru
 PERU - Restoration of the Cruz Blanca camps
 PERU, Lima - Support to the Operation Smile Peru Mission to Provide Free Medical and Surgical Care to Children Suffering from Cleft Lips and Cleft Palates
Various Continents  VARIOUS COUNTRIES, NIGERIA and ARGENTINA - Educating the Youth to Preserve the Traditions of the Ogoni and Mapuche People
Worldwide  WORLDWIDE, various locations - Communications Support to Ensure Tribal Peoples’ Rights Worldwide
 WORLDWIDE, Burundi, Ecuador, Haiti And Rwanda - Construction and Right Use of Ecological Sanitation in Burundi, Ecuador, Haiti and Rwanda
 WORLDWIDE - Earth, Exploitation and Survival – Actions to Redress the Threats made to Indigenous Peoples’ Natural Environment, Languages, Traditional Livelihoods and Community Cohesion
 WORLDWIDE, Vietnam, Chile, Rwanda - Earth, Exploitation and Survival: Dimensions of Indigenous Identity for Montagnard, Mapuche and Batwa People
 WORLDWIDE, Bangladesh, India, Israel and Palestine - Mentoring Women in Business Programme
 WORLDWIDE, Portugal, England, France, Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh - Professional Formation of the Sisters Appointed to the Missions Ad Gentes all over the World
Africa  BURKINA FASO, Bobo Dioulasso - Helping Construction Works for a Cultural Center
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, Kimbondo - Construction of a School Centre for the Youth of Kimbondo Paediatrics
 ETHIOPIA, Shelallà - Construction, Renovation and Equipment of the Shelallà Public Schools (Ethiopia)
 KENYA, Nairobi - Extension of Babadogo Catholic Church HIV/AIDS Centre and Health Clinic
 MADAGASCAR, Anosy Region - Project Sekoly Construction of a Primary School
 MALAWI, Various villages - Mobile Health Clinics for the Children
 MOROCCO - Construction of a hostel for young girls
 NIGERIA, Okuni - Construction of a School
 RWANDA, Kigali - Drilling of a well and water management education
 SENEGAL, Oukout - Construction of a Library for a Primary School
 SUDAN, Rumbek - Construction Works for a Girls Secondary Boarding School
 TANZANIA, Morogoro - Building a primary school for 700 children
 TANZANIA, Singhida, Ititi - Completing the Orphanage for 400 children in Ititi, Tanzania
Asia  AFGHANISTAN - A school, an Orphanage and an Emergency Shelter
 CAMBODIA, Ta-Prum village - Construction of classrooms facilities and tailoring training
 CHINA, Litang - The Nando Peretti School for Children: Construction of a School and an Hostel for Children
 INDIA, Birapratappur, Puri, Odisha - Acquisition of 5 Acres of Land in Birapratappur, Puri, Odisha (India) for the Construction of an Orphanage, a Child Care Centre and an Old Aged Home
 INDIA, Lohardaga - Construction of a School in Ranchi Catholic Archdiocese
 INDIA, Jaipur - Costruction of a New Building at the Disha Center for Disabled Children
 NEPAL, Nepal - Construction of a House for Children of Prisoners
Europe  ITALY, Rome - A house for needy children: Renovation of the Institute of S.Giuseppe della Montagna
 ITALY, Ciampino - A Building for the Disabled
 ITALY, Porto Ercole - Construction a Red Cross Headquarters
 ITALY, Palo Laziale - Conversion of the former train station into a new Red Cross Unit
 ITALY, L'Aquila - Donation of a Tensile Structure with a Lab and Dressing Rooms for Nursing Course
 ITALY, Rome - Enlarging an Existing Unit of Thoracic Surgery at San Camillo Forlanini Hospital
 ITALY, Civitavecchia - House for Single Mothers
 ITALY - Long-term residential Community Center for young people with severe psychological illnesses
 ITALY, Rome - Multifunctional Building for the Disabled Guests of a "Casa-Famiglia"
 ITALY, Bollate (MI) - PROGRAMMA NUOVI COMMITTENTI AL CARCERE DI MILANO-BOLLATE Facciata ed Esterno dell’Asilo Nido della II Casa di Reclusione di Milano Bollate
 ITALY, Acilia (Rome) - Reconstruction of a Healthcare Facilty
 ITALY, Rome - Restoration of the Parish Hall, Ss. Trinita’ Dei Pellegrini, Rome
 ITALY, Caserta - Setting Up of Residential Areas for Children
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the Building of the Community for the Disabled “La Casa del Ciliegio”
 POLAND, Krakow - A New Centre for Volunteers
 ROMANIA, Craiova - Building a primary school for 150 orphan children in Craiova, Romania
South America  PERU, Huaraz, Department of Ancash - Construction of Volunteer Facilities “Cruz Blanca Huaraz”, After School Center for Children
 PERU, Various locations - House Construction for Earthquake Victims and Building Educative Sport Areas for Poor Children Living in Slums
Africa  ETHIOPIA, Addis Ababa - COIVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting an Emergency Plan in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
 NIGER - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR) in Niger
 SOUTH AFRICA, Langeberg - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to the Palliative Care Team of the Breede River Hospice in the Western Cape, South Africa
 SOUTH SUDAN - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to People with Disabilities in Internally Displaced People Camps in South Sudan
 SOUTH SUDAN - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting Preparedness and Response Actions against COVID19 Outbreak in South Sudan
 UGANDA, West Nile District - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to a Preparedness and Response Plan in Northern Uganda
 UGANDA, Wakiso - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting an Emergency Plan in the Wakiso District, Uganda
Asia  AFGHANISTAN, Kabul - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Distribution of Food, Emergency Vouchers, Hygiene Kits and Awareness on Hygiene Rules to Prevent  the Spread of Covid-19 and Improve Living Conditions of the most Vulnerable Households in Kabul, Afghanistan
 INDIA, West Bengal - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Distribution of Food, Protection Materials and Basic Commodities among Communities in Hingalganj, West Bengal, India
 MYANMAR, Chin - COVID 19 EMERGENCY – Supporting an Emergency Plan in the Chin State in Myanmar
Europe  ITALY, Liguria - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting a Pilot Project Dedicated to the Creation of a Ligurian Ecosystem after the Pandemic and on the Occasion of the Decade Of Sea Sciences For Sustainable Development
 ITALY, Rome - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - "No House is Far Away" initiative: Psychological and Educational Support to Students from the Ragazzi Don Bosco Village and Food Assistance for Families in Need (Rome, Italy)
 ITALY, Rome - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Distribution of 2000 Hot Meals to Needy and Homeless People in Rome (Italy)
 ITALY, Rome - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Distribution of Food and Personal Hygiene and Sanitary Products to Elderly People and People with Disabilities and Rebibbia and Regina Coeli Detainees in Rome, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Distribution of Food and Primary Necessities to Children Living in the Informal Roma Camps of Tor Bella Monaca District and the Slums of Castel Romano, Tor Cervara and Salone in Rome.
 ITALY - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Hay, Food Supply and Veterinary Care for Horses at Risk of Starvation
 ITALY, Rome - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Implementation of Anti-COVID-19 Measures to Give Support to the Homeless Population and/or Socially Excluded People in Informal Settlements in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Improving the  Hygienic-Sanitary Conditions of the Selam Palace Community in Rome
 ITALY, Padua, Rome and Urbino - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Promoting Horses' Welfare during the Emergency: Food and Support for Three Stables in Need in Padua, Rome and Urbino (Italy)
 ITALY, Bussolengo - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support for Summer Camps at Parco Natura Viva
 ITALY, Campagnano Romano - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to “Fondazione Prelz Onlus” for the supply of food and the Provision of Medical-Veterinary Care for the Animals Hosted in the Kennel in Campagnano Romano, Rome
 ITALY, Rome - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to "SolidAvis": Blood Donation as a Form of Solidarity and Integration during the Pandemic
 ITALY, Naples - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to 80 families living in situations of serious social and economic hardship; support to two social cooperatives in Naples, Campania
 ITALY - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to a Project for Teachers: "Innovative Neurorganizing Methodology to Train Organizational Skills in Response to Changes in Educational Institutions"
 ITALY, Sicily - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to School Children and People in Need in Sicily (Siracusa, Noto, Modica Pozzallo, Scicli, Pachino)
 ITALY, Rome - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to the Compassion and Care Centre in Rome Dedicated to the Teachings of Dharma and the Preservation of Tibetan Culture
 ITALY, Sicily - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to Third Sector Organizations in Agrigento and Trapani, Sicily
 ITALY, Sicily - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting Activities for Epidemiological Surveillance and Contact Tracing in Enna, Catania and Palermo in Sicily, Italy
 ITALY, Liguria - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting RE-Wild Liguria ODV 's Activities to Restore Wilderness in Ligurian Apennine, and Monitor and Protect the Feral Horses Population in Aveto Regional Park (Italy)
 SPAIN, Catalonia - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Containing the Social and Sanitary Impact of Covid 19 among the Weakest Roma Communities
 SPAIN, Girona - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting ACEEGi "All For Horses" campaign to ensure welfare of riding school horses and adequate supplies of fodder and feed (Girona, Spain)
South America  BOLIVIA, El Alto - COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting the Virgin Niña-EPDB Center in Favour of the Most Needy Families in the Community of El Alto, Bolivia
Worldwide  VARIOUS COUNTRIES - The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation Response to the CoViD-19 Emergency
Africa  MOROCCO, Imlil and Oukameiden on the higher Atlas Mountains - Atla(s)now project of Art and Ski in Morocco
Asia  INDIA, Dharamsala - Supporting the Three Years “Oceans Of Knowledge” Project for the Protection and Promotion of Tibetan Culture
Europe  ALBANIA, Shkodra - Support for the Choir of Shkodra Cathedral “Scuola Cantorum”
 FRANCE - Caravaggio in Rome. A Baroque life.
 FRANCE, Paris - Supporting the Maison Européenne de la Photographie Video Collection Digitalization Project
 ITALY, Rome - Master in Etching Techniques
 ITALY, Italy, Europe - Promotion of the Nando Peretti Foundation’s “Child survival in a changing climate” and “Invisible people” photography projects
 ITALY, Todi - Raku, Old and New Tradition - Supporting the Organization of Japanese Ceramic Courses
 ITALY, Crespi d’Adda, Bergamo, Lombardia - Zone a Traffico Culturale (ZTC): Un Format per la Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Culturale, la Produzione Artistica Partecipata e l’economia della Cultura in un Sito Patrimonio dell’umanità dell’UNESCO in Italia
 ITALY, Rome - “inaudita - Meraviglie inedite del ‘600 italiano” Concert in the framework of the MUSEI in MUSICA Festival
 ITALY, Rome - “Ufficio delle Tenebre” The Musical Celebration of the Rite of Mattutini of Maundy Thursday
 ITALY, Acireale - “Villa Pennisi In Musica”, Summer School of Architecture and  Advanced Musical Studies
 ITALY - 2RC Apprentice
 ITALY, Rome - A Course Inside the Former Pastificio Cerere - An Exhibition on Ghitta Carell
 ITALY, Rome - A Project to Support the Preservation, Cataloguing and Enhancement of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia Archives
 ITALY, Rome - A Year’s Support for Renaissance Music at the Parish of Santissima Trinita Dei Pellegrini, Rome
 ITALY, Rome - ALIAS, Contemporary Music for an Early Instrument, the Viola d'Amore. Recording of a CD
 ITALY, Rome - An Ink Pot Belonging to Elisa Bonaparte Grand-Duchess of Tuscany: from Villa Reale of Marlia to the Museo Napoleonico in Rome
 ITALY, Milano - Arrangement, Digitalization and Publication of the Principal Operas Composed by Maestro Vittorio Gnecchi
 ITALY, Firenze - ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO - Botteghe Artigiane e loro Committenze
 ITALY, Florence - Artigianato e Palazzo 2019 - 25th edition
 ITALY, Ferrara - Bassifondi Musicali, a Baroque Popular Music Concert
 ITALY - Beyond the Culture Edge : Musical Project in Portuguese and Italian and Production of Two CD-ROMs
 ITALY, Sansepolcro, Arezzo - Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Artistic Glass
 ITALY, Rome - Bruno Ceccobelli Exhibition at the Pastificio Cerere Foundation
 ITALY, Milan, Rome, Florence - Cataloging the Fund of Drawings preserved in Civiche Raccolte d’Arte di Milano by Caravaggio’s Master Simone Peterzano
 ITALY, Rome - CD Recording of “Mira Lilla” Unpublished Handel Cantatas
 ITALY, Fortore, Campania - Concerts for the people of Fortore in Campania, Italy
 ITALY - Creation of the Vittorio Gnecchi Ruscone Archive and Promotion of the Music of this important Italian Maestro of the early XX century
 ITALY, Milan - Developing a Young Audience for Contemporary Music Exchanging Experiences among Composers, Performers and High School and College Students
 ITALY - Domenico Scarlatti Viola d’Amore Sonatas, a New Musicological Discovery – Recording of a CD
 ITALY, Todi - E-Vasi Project – Supporting Courses on Traditional Techniques of Raku Art in Italy
 ITALY, Roma - Editing and Printing of the Final Results of the EU Project “New Methodological Tools for Policy and Programme Evaluation”
 ITALY, Rome - Elsa Peretti Italian Affiliated Fellowship in Design
 ITALY, Rome - Exhibition on “Baroque’s Underworld. Rome of Vices, Misery and Excesses”
 ITALY, Rome - Fast-Forward Design. Rome’s First Broad-Based Project for Young Designers and Sustainability
 ITALY, Rome - Fundamental Course in Reading and Singing of Ancient Greek-Byzantine Music
 ITALY - Inventory. The Fountains of Za’atari
 ITALY, Rome - Italian Fellows Retrospective
 ITALY, Rome - One year's Support for the Chorus "Sonos Ensemble" of the Parish of SS. Trinity of the Pilgrims in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Promotion of Architectural Art and Culture through the Publication of the Monographic Book “Vincenzo Monaco e Amedeo Luccichenti, Opera Completa 1933-1969”
 ITALY - Promotion of the Work of the Roman Architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio and of the Classical Architecture through the Publication of the Second Volume of the Series Published by Centro Studi Vitruviani “Vitruvio e l’archeologia”
 ITALY, Torino - Publication of the Best Contributions to the Eighth Conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Police
 ITALY - Publication of Traditional Liturgical Books
 ITALY, Naples - Purchase of an Organ for Coral Accompaniment
 ITALY, Rome - Recording of a Cd of Music for Viola d’Amore by Robert Lach (Wien 1874 – Mondsee, Salzburg 1958)
 ITALY, Rome - Rediscovering the Archive of Salvatore Meo
 ITALY, Rome, Reggio Emilia, Florence, Milan, Perugia, London - Reorganization of the Johnny Moncada Photographic Archive
 ITALY, Mantua - Restoration of Cavriani’s Oratory in Sacchetta, Mantua, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Restoration of the Icon of Our Lady in the Church of SS. Trinita dei Pellegrini
 ITALY, Rome - Rome Chamber Music Festival’s Master Class Educational Program for Young Artists 17 to 25 Years Old
 ITALY, Rome - Solo Exibition “Carta d'identità degli stati d'animo” by the Painter Seboo Migone
 ITALY - Solti @ 100 Recording. Recording of Alumni of the Accademia 2004-2011 in a Celebration of Italian Song
 ITALY - Solti-Peretti Répetitéurs Masterclasses
 ITALY, Various - Solti-Te Kanawa Bel Canto Masterclasses
 ITALY, Rome - Sponsoring Olimpia Ferrari’s Solo Exhibition  “Metrochip-Microcity” at the Pastificio Cerere
 ITALY, Rovereto - Sponsoring the Solo Exhibition "Young in the Future" by Olimpia Ferrari
 ITALY, Rome - Study on the Evolution of the Urban Structure of Rome, and the Results of the Architectonic Field During the Pontificates of Leo X, Adrian VI and Clemente VII (1513-1534)
 ITALY, Rome - Support for an Exhibition of Children Drawings
 ITALY, Rome - Support for Celebrations and Holy Rosary in Traditional Latin in the Church of SS. Trinity of the Pilgrims
 ITALY, Milano - Support to the Associazione Musicale Vittorio Gnecchi Ruscone
 ITALY, Rome - Support to the Project of Fondazione Ermitage Italia in Occasion of the Celebration of the Year of Italian Culture in Russia
 ITALY, Naples - Supporting The Costs Of Copyright And Publication Of The Art-Historical Monograph And Catalogue Raisonné
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the exhibition and publication:  ‘Made in Italy: una visione modernista. Moda – Arte – Fotografia – Design. 1956-1965’ (Photographs:  Johnny Moncada)
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the Preservation, Cataloguing and Enhancement of the Accademia Di Santa Cecilia Archives
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the Restoration of the Arco Madonna dei Banchi In Rome, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - The Aikido Special Program: a course for "at risk" and disadvantaged children
 ITALY, Rome - The Gregorian-Latin Liturgy and the Sacred Polyphony of the Roman School in the Basilica of San Pietro in Vaticano
 ITALY, Italy and Russia - The Works of Art and our Cultural Memory: A Focus on some Hermitage Paintings
 ITALY, Milan - Tradition and modernity: The Ballet School of Accademia Teatro alla Scala
 ITALY, Roma, Firenze - Two-Year Course of Postgraduate Specialization in ‘Restoration of Historical Gardens and Parks'
 ITALY, Milan - Una Classe di Suoni – Musical Workshop for Children in Milan, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Viola d’Amore Sola: Music for solo viola d’amore  – Recording of a Cd
 RUSSIAN FEDERATION, St. Petersburg - Catalogue of the Italian Paintings of the XVII Century at the Hermitage Museum
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Contribution to the Production of the Play "Full Gallop" by Mark Hampton and Mary Louise Wilson Translated and Performed for the First Time in Catalan
 SPAIN, Barcelona - RENOVATION PLAN - Teatre Akadèmia in Barcelona
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Support to the Gallery A|34 in Barcelona Founded by Paco Rebés and Setting-up two Exhibitions in 2020
 SWITZERLAND, Geneva - A Program to Promote and Preserve Tibetan Cultural Awareness for Tibetan Refugees
North America  UNITED STATES, New York - “Caro Luchino” - a Tribute to the Life and Work of Luchino Visconti through the Creation in New York of a Theatre Piece  
 UNITED STATES, New York - “Mod New York: Fashion Takes a Trip” A Special Exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York
 UNITED STATES, New York - Scholarship in Favour of Ms Olimpia Ferrari at the International Center of Photography, New York
 UNITED STATES, New York City - Supporting the Project “Stephen Burrows: a retrospective” in New York, USA
Various Continents  VARIOUS COUNTRIES - “El Gato” - A Documentary Film on Gato Barbieri's Life and Work
Worldwide  WORLDWIDE - "Little Stars": A Moving Pictures Advocacy Project Championing Children’s Palliative Care
Africa  CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC - Education for Women in villages
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC - Public Awareness Campaign on the Abolition of the Death Penalty
 CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, Kwango - Undergraduate Programs for 80 Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo
 ETHIOPIA, Wolayta - Education and Equal Opportunities for 65 Women in Ethiopia
 KENYA, Laikipia - 4 Generations Project: Cultural Education
 MADAGASCAR - Assistance and Information on Maternity and Child-care
 MADAGASCAR - University Scholarship in Medicine for two African Nuns
 MALI, Bantam - Providing Education to 120 Students in the Village of Bantam Near Timbuktu, Mali  
 RWANDA, Kigali - Integrated Program of Small Business Support for the Women of Kicukiro District in Rwanda
 RWANDA, Kigali - Investment into two pick-up-vehicles for the “Centre Cyprien et Daphrose Rugamba” (CECYDAR), sustainable rehabilitation and reintegration centre for street children in Rwanda
 SENEGAL, City of Mbour, Region of Thiés - Education and Healthcare for Children, Support to the Cooperative of Mothers, Building Public Schools in Senegal
 SENEGAL - Engaging Grandmothers to Promote Girls’ Development and Success at School in Senegal
 SIERRA LEONE - Allowing Secondary Education for Girls in Sierra Leone
 SOUTH SUDAN - NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan – INTERSOS
 SUDAN, Nyala - NEMESIA Center: Support to the educational and training center
 TANZANIA, Kilimanjaro villages - Providing schoolbooks for Children
 TANZANIA, Kigoma - Scholarship for 50 Girls at Two Schools
 UGANDA - 3 programs: 1. Kituntu Womens Org. Buwama; 2. Special Children Special People Mpigi; 3. Katosi Women Mpatta
 UGANDA - NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan – A-Z Children Nurture Africa
 UGANDA, Arua District - South Sudan Phase 2 - Consolidation of the Provision of Education and Protection services to South Sudanese refugees in Imvepi Settlement Arua District, Uganda
 UGANDA - Support to Girls and Women's Education
Asia  AFGHANISTAN, Kabul - The Pink Shuttle and Female Driving School in Kabul. A Safe Way to Move for Afghan Women.
 CAMBODIA - Professional Development and Higher Education Scholarship Program: Building a Brighter Future
 CHINA, Tongde - Supporting the Tibetan College of Traditional Studies of Singhkry Monastery, Tibet
 INDIA, Khunti, Jharkhand - Construction of Additional Classrooms for Loyola English Medium School Khunti, Jharkhand - India
 INDIA, Sagar - Improve Menstrual Hygiene and Eliminate Myths, Taboo, Beliefs and Social Restriction related to Menstrual Cycle.
 INDIA, Himachal Pradesh - New Bedding for 305 Needy Students of the Serkong School of the Tabo Monastery
 INDIA, Kurnool District - Promoting Health Education and Constructing Sanitation Facilities in 6 Rural Schools
 INDIA, Rajastan - Support to the Rishabdev Boarding for Children in Rajastan, India - Year V
 IRAQ - Books of  Reconciliation - Interfaith Cultural Cooperation in Iraq
 JORDAN - Skills Training and Recreational Activities for Syrian Refugees in Jordan
 NEPAL, Sindhupalchok and Dhading - Re-establishing Primary Education in Post-earthquake Rural Nepal
 PAKISTAN, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - Play for the Advancement of Quality Education in Pakistan
 PHILIPPINES - Change Agents: a Youth Campaign and Information Drive to Assess and Address the Current Educational Situation
Europe  ALBANIA, Tirana - Inclusion of Roma Children in Public Education in Albania
 BULGARIA - The Nando Peretti Foundation Distinguished Scholar Program at the American University in Bulgaria
 GERMANY, Altötting - Suppporting Participants in the International Forum
 ITALY, Rome - Asimmetrie research fellowship on “Investigating the impact of European policy rules on the recovery of the Italian economy”
 ITALY, Rome - “Building Hope” – Supporting Professional Training Courses For Disadvantaged Women And Youngs To Help Them In Finding A Job
 ITALY, Rome -  Supporting the  Laboratory on the Tiber River in Rome
 ITALY - "Nicola Bruti Liberati" Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies in Quantitative Finance
 ITALY, Rome - Activities for Deaf Children
 ITALY, Duino - Conflict Resolution through Education: Scholarship for Two Kosovar Youth
 ITALY, Ponza, Sant’Antioco - Dolphins as Islands’ Rangers: Environmental Education Program for the Children in Primary School in Ponza And Sant’Antioco, Italy
 ITALY, Duino - Educating Future Ethical Leaders - Transformational Education Opportunities for Refugees
 ITALY, Lazio - Information and Prevention on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (HIV/AIDS/STDs) to High-School Students in Lazio, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Integrated Intervention to Increase the Opportunities for Psycho-social Development of Roma Children who Live in the VI Sub-Municipality of Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Language Courses, Vocational Training and Guidance for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Master in Communication and New Media with Google for a New Generation of Educators/Priests/Nuns
 ITALY, Milan - PhD Course in Molecular Medicine
 ITALY, Rome, Italy - Piccola Orchestra di Tor Pignattara, Rome, Italy - Year V
 ITALY - Professional courses for immigrant youth in Italy: cook’s assistant, baker, gastronomer
 ITALY, Rome - Scholarships in Favour of Young Women Wishing to Endorse Theological Studies at the Ecclesiastical Universities
 ITALY, Rome - Studying Law in English at ROMA3 University
 ITALY, Milan - Supporting a Phd Program in the “Foundations of the Life Sciences and their Ethical Consequences”
 ITALY - Supporting Educational Courses for Immigrants in Italy
 ITALY - Supporting the Antiviolence Toll Free Number “Mai più Sola” for  Abused Women
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the Associazione 21 Luglio Children’s Centre in the Disadvantadged Neighborhood of Tor Bella Monaca in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the Conversion of the “Special Didactics for Deaf Students” Course into a Blended- Learning Model Addressed for Teachers in Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Sustaining “Il Faro” Training Courses for Young Immigrants in Rome
 ITALY, Rome - The Tevere Lab
 ITALY, Rome - Train to Organize - The Organizational Language Learned During Childhood
 ROMANIA, Bucharest - Helping Disadvantaged Children in Bucharest, Romania
 SPAIN, Girona - Human rights and international humanitarian law teaching course for volunteers
 SPAIN - Support to a triannual project for the educational inclusion of Roma children and youngsters in Catalonia
 UNITED KINGDOM - Financing the Writing of a Book on a Survivor’s Fight Against Impunity for Human Rights Violations
North America  NICARAGUA, Las Sabanas and Somoto - Fabretto’s Rural Secondary Education Program (Sistema Aprendizaje Tutorial): Increasing Economic & Educational Opportunities for Rural Nicaraguan Youth
 UNITED STATES, Boston - Peretti Scholars: Creation and Development of Conversational Spanish Program
South America  BRAZIL, Manaus - Emergency Support to the Escola Agricola Rainha dos Apostolos
 ECUADOR, Santo Domingo - Soñando Por El Cambio - Expansion of an Educational and Professional Centre for Adolescents at Risk in Ecuador
Environmental conservation
Africa  CONGO, Brazzaville - Supporting the new Tchimpounga Chimpanzees Sanctuary, Tchindzoulou Island, Brazzaville, Congo
 EGYPT - Reducing Illegal Trapping of Migrating Birds in Northern Egypt
 KENYA, Taita Hills - Saving the Critically Endangered Taita Apalis in Southeastern Kenya
 KENYA, Ol ari Nyiro - Sustain and Protect the Ecosystem
 MADAGASCAR, Valbio - A Future for Lemurs: A Contribution for the Construction of the New Research Center
 MADAGASCAR - Conservation of the amphibians of Madagascar
 MADAGASCAR - Project Renitantely: Developing Beekeeping as a Sustainable Livelihood in Rural Communities
 MADAGASCAR, Ambato, Ambohidravy protected areas, Site “Usine A” Diana Region, District Ambanja; Lakes of Mount Passot, Nosy B - Protection and Promotion of Biodiversity for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the North West of Madagascar
 SIERRA LEONE - Biodiversity in Sierra Leone: Research to Identify  “Biodiversity Hotspots” which Deserve Urgent Protection
 TANZANIA, Udzungwa - Enhancing Local Communities’ Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Use of Energy Sources for the Long-Term Conservation of the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania
 WORLDWIDE - Coral Reef: A Research to Understand the Ecological Decline of Coral Reef
 ZAMBIA, Mongu - Biodiversity, Environmental Protection and Economic Development of the District of Mongu, Zambia
Asia  ARMENIA - Strategic and Conservation Planning for Nature Conservation
 BHUTAN, Eastern Himalayas - Conservation & Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Eastern Himalayas
 CHINA, Yunnan - Distribution and Status of Lar Gibbons at Nanguanhe Nature Reserve
 INDIA, Jaipur - Conserving Endangered Asian Elephants
 INDIA - Elephant Family Multifund
 INDIA, Uttarakhand, Assam, Kerala ,Tamil Nadu States - Saving Elephants on India’s Railways
 INDONESIA, Dolok Sibual Buali Nature Reserve, North Sumatra - Collaboration Management Initiative for Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii) Habitat Protection  - Indonesia
 INDONESIA, Sumatra - Ketambe Reforestation and Ecotourism Development Initiative (KREDI)
 INDONESIA, Sumatra - Long Term Conservation of the Harapan Forest
 KYRGYZSTAN - Protecting Snow Leopards in the Kyrgyz Ala-Too Range of the Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan
 MYANMAR - Myanmar Elephant Studbook Project
 NEPAL, Kathmandu - Protecting Endangered Species (One–Horned Rhinoceros and Tigers) in Nepal from Conflict, Poaching and Trade
 TIBET, Domda - Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods for Poorest and Marginalised Tibetan Nomad Communities of Domda Township.
 VIETNAM, Quang Tri - Conserving Biodiversity, Respecting Rights, Alleviating Poverty: Supporting Sustainable Use of Forests by the Van Kieu Ethnic Minority People in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam
Europe  ALBANIA, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania - Promoting Rural Development and Renewable Energies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania
 CZECH REPUBLIC, Beskydy Mountains - Protection of large predators
 ITALY, Sicily, Central Italy - Practical Actions for Preserving the Main European Population of the Lanner Falcon
 ITALY - A Home For The Lesser Kestrel
 ITALY, Sicily - A Nest for Eleonora's Falcon. Practical Actions for Conservation in the Aeolien Archipelago
 ITALY, Various - Agriculture and Environment: the New Challenge
 ITALY - An Orchid for the Future
 ITALY, Abruzzo - Bats: a Key for Saving Biodiversity
 ITALY - Bioremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils
 ITALY, Sicily - Conservation of Globally Endangered Saker Falcons (Falco Cherrug) and their Wintering Sites in Sicily
 ITALY, Palo Laziale - Ecological Restoration Plan for Palo Laziale Wood, Italy
 ITALY, Palo - Environmental Recuperation and Infrastructures for Didactic Environmental Activities for Palo Wood
 ITALY, Rome - Giving our Wild Neighbours a Future - Support to the Wildlife Recovery Centre of Rome
 ITALY, Massa Marittima - I Love My Sea, I Love My Land Marine Conservation Education Program at Aquarium Mondo Marino of Massa Marittima for Disabled Children with Social Difficulties
 ITALY, Palo Laziale - Palo Laziale 30 Years After - Monitoring The Situation Of Birds’ Population Of  Palo Laziale Wood (1982-2012)
 ITALY, Peschiera Borromeo - Peschiera Borromeo's Wetland: Three Year Maintenance Undertaken by Disadvantaged Workers of an “Open Air Laboratory” for Biodiversity Research and Environmental Education
 ITALY - Petagnaea Gussonei: an Ancient Plant to Save
 ITALY, Tuscany - Pilot Project for the Introduction of an Ethical Slaughtering Procedure for Farm Animals
 ITALY, Pescina, Seggiano - Preserving the Biodiversity of the “Il Felcetone” Farm in Tuscany
 ITALY, Naples, Palermo, Mediterranean Coast - Safeguard and Protection of Mediterranean Sea Daffodil (Pancratium Maritimum L.): A Case of Extinction in Progress?
 ITALY, Rome - Support to Associazione Ambientalista Marevivo - Years 2017-2020
 ITALY - Support to Dog Houses
 ITALY, Lazio Region - Supporting the "Quinto Mondo Animalisti Volontari" Association
 ITALY, Tolfa - Supporting the Activities of the "Tara Bianca Dog House" in Tolfa, Italy
 ITALY - Toward a More Sustainable Agricultural Model: Training a New Generation of Agro-ecological Farmers
 PORTUGAL - Conserving Remaining Populations of the Iberian Lynx
 PORTUGAL, Green Belt - Ecological Restoration of a Cork Oak Forest
 ROMANIA, Eastern Transylvania - Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos, Linnaeus 1758) Conservation and Research Programme in a Model Area in Romania
 ROMANIA, Carpathians - Eco-tourism: Feasibility study for a Large carnivore center
 SPAIN, Balearic Islands - Ensuring Long-term Survival of the Sperm Whales
 SPAIN - Intelligent Technologies for the Detection of Hydrocarbons in the Maritime Environment
 SPAIN, Majorca - Protecting the Mediterranean Biodiversity: Saving the Endangered Robust Orchid in Majorca, Spain
 WORLDWIDE, Eastern Europe - Protecting Eastern Europe's Natural Heritage
North America  BELIZE, Golden Stream - Empowering Community Conservation Management Through Capacity Building and Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities in the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve, Belize - Year III
 BELIZE, Golden Stream - Empowering Local Conservation Management Practice Through Capacity-Building and Institutional Strengthening in the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve, Belize - Year II
 BELIZE, Golden Stream - Institutional Strengthening in Community Conservation of the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve, Belize
 EL SALVADOR, Honduras, Mali, Salvador - WORLD GEOLOGISTS: Providing Water Supply to needy areas around the World
 UNITED STATES - Establishing a Chelonian Survival Network for Imperilled Asian turtles
 VIRGIN ISLANDS, BRITISH - Recovery Program for Critically Endangered Caribbean Rock Iguanas
Oceania  MICRONESIA, FEDERATED STATES OF - Understanding the Biogeography of Marine Worms using Genetic Markers
 VANUATU - Protecting Biodiversity and Education
South America  BOLIVIA - Student Fishfarmers: Fishfarming in a school of the Bolivian Amazon
 COLOMBIA, Central Andes - Population status and habitat availability of Threatened Species
 ECUADOR, Sucumbíos Province - Environmental Education Activities for the Creation of an Environmental Awareness among the Urban and Rural Population of the Canton Lago Agrio, Sucumbíos Province, Ecuador
 ECUADOR - Study and Conservation of the Biodiversity
 PERU, Madre de Dios - Biodiversity Protection and Conservation Strategies of Native Vanilla spp. (Orchidaceae) in the Amazon forest of Peru
Various Continents  VARIOUS COUNTRIES - Endangered species conservation in Cambodia (Siamese crocodiles), Georgia (raptors), Guinea and South Sudan (forest elephants)
 VARIOUS COUNTRIES - Wildlife Crime Investigation: Supporting a Global Judicial Action against Poaching and Trafficking of Endangered Species
Worldwide  WORLDWIDE, Various Countries - Child Survival in a Changing Climate
Historical partners
Africa  TANZANIA, Kigoma - Sanganigwa's Children Home
Europe  BULGARIA - Construction of an Alternative Heating System Implementing Energy Saving Measures for the Central Hospital Building of “Tsar Ferdinand I”
 ITALY, Rome - Free-of-charge Treatment for 150 Elderly People with Osteoarthropathy or Discopathy
 ITALY - Nurturing Classical Singers: Supporting the Georg Solti Accademia
 ITALY, Rome - Promoting Social Inclusion and Employment with "Il Faro"
 ITALY, Palo - Renovation of Palo Wood
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting Dog-Assisted Therapies
 ITALY, Todi - Supporting Raku Art in Italy
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the Church of SS.Trinità dei Pellegrini, Rome
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting the Pastificio Cerere Foundation
North America  BELIZE, Golden Stream - Preserve the Natural Paradise in Belize
South America  BOLIVIA, El Alto - Supporting The Work of Centro Virgen Nina (formerly known as Asociacion XXI)
Worldwide  WORLDWIDE - Protecting Asian Elephants
 WORLDWIDE - Support to Projects by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
 WORLDWIDE - Support to the "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" Solidarity Network
 WORLDWIDE - Supporting The Work of Olimpia Ferrari, Artist
Human Rights
Africa  SENEGAL, Chad - The Campaign to Bring Hissène Habré to Justice - Phase I
 SENEGAL, Chad - The Campaign to Bring Hissène Habré to Justice - Phase II
 SOUTH SUDAN - NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan – UNHCR
 VARIOUS COUNTRIES - Land and Ocean grabbing in Africa - Photographic Documentation Project by Witness Image
Asia  SYRIA - Syria Earthquake Emergency
Europe  ITALY - Implementation of the “Charter of Children of Imprisoned Parents” to Protect and Promote the Rights of 100,000 Children of Imprisoned Parents in Italy
North America  UNITED STATES - Empowering Tibetans
Various Continents  VARIOUS COUNTRIES - Earth, Exploitation and Survival - Redress the Threats Posed to Indigenous Peoples (Phase IV)
Medical research
Africa  ETHIOPIA - Medical Care for Young Patients with Congenital Heart Diseases
 KENYA, Nairobi - Expanding the Accessibility of CD4 Cell Counting Test for HIV Treatment
Europe  GERMANY, Mainz - Living Biomaterials to Treat Skin Dysbiosis
 ITALY, Bologna - Oxidative Stress and Erythrocyte Membrane Alterations in Autism Spectrum Disorder: on Search of a Biomarker and of New Therapeutic Prospects
 ITALY, Rome - Research Study on Ultrasound Guided Central Venous Catheter Insertion in Children Aged Between 0-4 at the Policlinico Umberto I
 ITALY, Rome - Ventilator to study short-term complications in newborn infants with respiratory problems
 ITALY, Rome - Surgical Research Study on the Effects of Minimally Invasive Surgery Versus Open Surgery in Neonates, Infants and Children
 ITALY - A Music Workshop as a Research Laboratory for Williams Syndrome
 ITALY, Rome - A Research Project on the Autophagy as Therapeutic Target and Progression Marker in Relapsed/Refractory Human Lymphomas
 ITALY, Milan - Adolescence as a Critical Window for Drug Abuse - Research Study of Neural Correlates of Adolescent Sensitivity and Novel Targets for Pharmacotherapy
 ITALY - Atypical HUS: Don't stop the research
 ITALY, Rome - Autophagy and Mitochondria Influence Susceptibility of Lymphoma Cells to Target-Therapy
 ITALY, Rome, Milan - Autophagy as Therapeutic Target in Relapsed/refractory Human Lymphomas
 ITALY, Rome - Bioscanner – Trimprob a Non-Invasive Device for Early Cancer Detection
 ITALY, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Campania, Puglia - Breast Cancer early Detection Program for Underserved Women or Women at Higher Risk for Breast Cancer
 ITALY - Cancer Research for Children
 ITALY, Rome - Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Heart Rate Variability and Sleep Quality in Infants and Children
 ITALY, Rome - EMDR Treatment Efficacy in Maltreated and Traumatized Children
 ITALY - Evaluation of Titanium Frames for Fixed Dentures or Overdentures Supported by Dental Implants
 ITALY, Rome - Free-of-charge Treatment for 150 Elderly People with Osteoarthropathy or Discopathy
 ITALY, Rome - Individuation of the S100b Protein as a Therapeutic Target in Multiple Sclerosis Pathogenic Processes
 ITALY - Investigating the Dna Replication Stress Response and its Potential for Diagnosis and Target Therapy of Cancer
 ITALY - Investigation on the role of apoptosis in aneurysm rupture
 ITALY, Rome - Long-Term Follow-Up Study of Remnant Kidney Function and Volume after Nephron-Sparing Surgery for Unilateral Renal Tumor in Children  
 ITALY, Milan, Rome, Cagliari - Medical Research Project on Human Saliva as a Diagnostic And Prognostic Body Fluid
 ITALY, Rome - Molecular Monitoring of Minimal Residual Disease in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
 ITALY, Rome - Nature-Inspired Nanoprobes for the Point-Of-Care Detection of Clinically Relevant Biomarkers for Early Tumor Diagnosis
 ITALY, Rome - Oncological and Renal Functional Outcomes After Nephron-Sparing Surgery versus Nephrectomy for Unilateral Wilms Tumor: A Matched Pairs Analysis
 ITALY, Rome - Personalized Therapy of AMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) Patients: the Clinical Use of Personal Genome
 ITALY, Rome - Purchasing of the ALBA Hyperthermia System for the Radiation Oncology Department of S. Camillo Medical Hospital, Rome
 ITALY - Rare Diseases: don't stop the research
 ITALY - Research on Glaucoma in Children: Grant to Buy Basic Equipment
 ITALY - Research on Stem Cells
 ITALY, Rome - Research Project On The Role Of The Innate Immunity In The Pathogenesis Of Pediatric Malignancies And Autoimmune Disease
 ITALY, Modena - Research Study on Anticancer Drugs Targeting the Cdk2 and Efgr Proteins
 ITALY, Rome - Research Study on Communicative and Linguistic Abilities of Italian Deaf Children with Early Cochlear Implantation
 ITALY, Milano - Role of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in Anorexia Nervosa: Pathogenic Mechanism and Therapeutic Potential
 ITALY - Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome: in Search of a New Gene
 ITALY - Steroid Treatment Of Childhood Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome
 ITALY, Rome - Study on the Effects of Dog-Assisted Therapies on Physical and Psychological Well-Being in the Institutionalized Elderly
 ITALY, Rome - Study on the Effects of Dog-Assisted Therapies on Physical and Psychological Well-Being in the Institutionalized Elderly, Year II
 ITALY, Rome - Supporting a Research on Cardiopathy among Youth and Children
 ITALY, Rome - The Bio-Psycho-Social markers on Fibromyalgia Syndrome
 ITALY, Rome - The Impact of Anti-HLA Antibodies on Allogeneic Hematopoieticstem Cell Transplantation Outcome after Standard and Reduced –Intensity Conditioning Regimens
 ITALY, Rome - The S100B/RAGE Pathway in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-induced Astrocyte Activation and Motor Neuron Death: a Potential Target for Therapy
 ITALY, Milan - Three-year Research Project: Circulating Tumour Cells in Women with Operable Breast Cancer
 ITALY, Rome - Transcriptional and Micro-RNA Signature Profiling of Human Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Muscles: a tool to identify pathogenic molecular networks and diagnostic biomarkers
 ITALY, Pisa - Traumatic Brain Injury: Research Study on Endocrinological Aspects
 ITALY, Pozzuoli - Treating Spinocerebellar Ataxias with Antibiotics: a Promising Approach from Preclinical Models
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Quality of Life and Needs of the Terminal Patient: an Applied Study to Improve Precarious Social Environments
Promotion of Health
Africa  MADAGASCAR, Tamatave - Tamatave, Madagascar - International Mission 2018-2020
 SOUTH AFRICA, Cape Winelands - Breede River Hospice Home based Palliative Care
 SOUTH SUDAN - Improvement of Health Assistance to the Population of South Sudan through Training of Local Health Workers
 SOUTH SUDAN - NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan - Medici Senza Frontiere
 SOUTH SUDAN - NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan - World Food Programme Italia
 SOUTH SUDAN - NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan – AMREF
 SOUTH SUDAN - NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan – CUAMM
 SOUTH SUDAN - NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan – LFTW / L-INT
 SOUTH SUDAN, Rumbek - South Sudan Phase 2 - Strengthening of Western Lakes State Health System through the Support to Rumbek State Hospital for Improved Access to and Utilization of Quality Primary and Secondary Care and Effective Referral System
 UGANDA, Uganda, Wakiso District - Enlargement of the Nurture Africa Maternity Unit in the Wakiso District, Uganda
 ZAMBIA, Kafue District - Antenatal Care Upgrade in the Kafue District, Zambia - Phase II
Asia  JORDAN, Amman - Basic Healthcare Services and Social Activities for Older People in Amman, Jordan
 JORDAN, Za'atari refugee camp - Health Care Services and Inclusive Activities for Syrian Refugees with Disabilities in Za'atari Camp, Jordan.
Europe  GREECE, Lesbo, Lampedusa - Emergency Medical Assistance to Refugees and Migrants - Lesbo, Greece and Lampedusa, Italy
 ITALY, Rome - 1000 Days in Tor Sapienza (Rome). Strengthening of Interventions of Early, Integrated and Multidimensional Support to Pregnant Women, New Parents and Children (0-3 years)
 ITALY, Ciampino - Fire Alarm System, Comfort and Facility for Assistance of Mentally Disabled People at the Community “IL CHICCO” in Ciampino (Italy)
 ITALY, Rome - Improvement of the sanitary help desk of Associazione Cittadini del Mondo in Palazzo Selam, Rome - Italy
 ITALY, Naples - N.E.S.T: Nido Educazione Servizi Territorio (NEST Education Services Territory)
 ITALY, Rome - Provision of Medical Assistance in the Jubilee of Mercy
 ITALY, Rome - Reorganization of Intercultural Library and Selam Palace Surgery
 ITALY, Rome - San Giovanni Battista Hospital in Rome: Best Care, Quality, Innovation and Continual Improvements to Care for Vegetative And Minimally Conscious State Patients
 ITALY, Ciampino - Temporary Adoption of Six Adults with Severe Disabilities Living in the Community of l’Arche
 ITALY - The Miracles Shop
North America  GUATEMALA, Guatemala City, Peten, and Escuintla - Building capacity to deliver Comprehensive Cleft Care in Guatemala
 HAITI, Waf Jeremie - MY RIGHT. Integrated project for better support and protection of children in poorest slum of Waf Jeremie.
 NICARAGUA, Managua and Esteli - Operation Smile Eradication “Mega Mission in Nicaragua November 2016”
Ukraine Emergency
Europe  UKRAINE - UKRAINE EMERGENCY - Animal Response
 UKRAINE - UKRAINE EMERGENCY - Emergency Assistance to Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Ukraine and Neighbouring Countries
 UKRAINE - UKRAINE EMERGENCY - Swiss Solidarity Humanitarian Response Plan
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